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Greenpower Stem Cells

Greenpower Stem Cells Greenpower Stem Cells regenerates your skin with a powerful concentration of active plant cells. It offers a

iLife Oyster Peptide

iLife Oyster Peptide beautifies the skin, remove wrinkles, and nourish face. Other benefits include the following; Anti-aging. effectively prevent prostate

Norland Calcium Powder

Norland Calcium Powder has 10 sachets x 10 g in container All natural ingredients, contains biological enzymolysis bone calcium powder

Miira Cell Plus

28,000.00 25,000.00

The following are some of the few health benefits of Miira Cell

1. Promotes Colon Health 2. Improves Liver Health 3. Repairs, moisturizes, Whitens and Preserves a youthful skin 4. Reduces Oxidative stress 5. Reduces High blood pressure 6. Improves Heart Health 7. Prevents Diabetes 8. Prevents Stroke 9. Improves Digestion 10. Regulates Blood Sugar 11. Reduces DNA damage 12. Improves Vision 13. Contains Vitamin C 14. High Chlorophyll content 15. Prevents Alzheimer's 16. Prevents Arthritis 17. Prevents cancer

STC30 Superlife: Plant Stem Cell Therapy

stc30 is a plant stem cell product that manages and treats over 134 diseases

Features of stc3o

A pack contains 15 sachets, comes in 1500 mg.

Longrich Libao Capsule Male Fertility Supplements

14,500.00 14,000.00
Longrich Libao capsule is a male fertility supplement. This product improves men sexual performance. It is suitable for men with

Norland Products for Diabetes


Key Benefits of Norland Products for Diabetes

  • Eliminates all excess sugar in the blood by aiding sugar metabolism
  • Oligopeptide provides immediate protein need for the body
  • Reduces blood sugar levels to the required level in the body
  • Activates pancreatic cells to begin insulin production
  • Prevents insulin resistance.

Smacin Kangaroo Essence


Kangaroo Essence Benefits 

Improves Sexual function: stamina, strength, energy and Increases Libido Improves Renal Fatigue and improves kidney functions: keeping it healthy, Replenishes the marrow, Improves physical fatigue, and Balances hormones. Enhances male hormones secretion: oxytocin and testosterone, Takes care of soreness of waist and knees, thereby restoring male strength, Improves the secretion level of adrenocortical hormones, thereby ensuring homeostasis Improves physiological functions: strengthens microvessels, consequently preventing the aging of cells

Powerlife Multiple Stem Cell

27,000.00 25,000.00
Powerlife Multiple Stem Cell is a miracle cure to a range of diseases, it manages and treats over 134 diseases

Vision Vitale Capsules

17,000.00 16,500.00
N/B: VISION VITALE CAPSULES NOW HAS A NEW BOTTLE AND A NEW NAME WITH NAFDAC REGISTRATION NUMBER THOUGH THE OLD BOTTLE IS STILL AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET. THE NEW BOTTLE IS CALLED NORLAND HEALTHWAY VISION CAPSULES Vision Vitale Capsule promotes vision and prevents eye sight loss. Alleviates Eye Fatigue, Returns clear and shining eyes. Can cure diabetes and eye diseases Can eliminate cataract and myopia Can cure eye sight loss, macular degeneration and retintis pigmentosa. Prevents eyes from light hurt.

Nutrinew Stem Cell

Nutrinew Stem Cell, lowers blood sugar level, regenerates skin cell
  • improves Bone and Joint Health
  • Increase Stamina
  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Body Detoxification
  • Repairs Eye Sight
  • Acts as Anti-Aging
  • Has Anti-Cancer properties
  • Boost Immune System
  • Also Improves Cardiovascular Health

UG Care Stem Cell

UCare Stem Cell 3000 mg is a product of Ugreat International company, manufactured in Japan. It is a double stem