Vision Vitale Capsules

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Vision Vitale Capsule promotes vision and prevents eye sight loss.

Alleviates Eye Fatigue,

Returns clear and shining eyes.

Can cure diabetes and eye diseases

Can eliminate cataract and myopia

Can cure eye sight loss, macular degeneration and retintis pigmentosa.

Prevents eyes from light hurt.

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Vision Vitale Capsules is an healthy food mainly made up of Bilberry Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Taurine, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin A Acetate, Hydrogenated Oil, Beewax, Soybean Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Water and Vegetable Carbon Black.

It is an active eye supplement that contains the required amount of vitamin A that the retinal cells need for normal functioning.

It is a Chinese herbal supplement but now available in Nigeria. This product has approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of China including FDA of other countries.

Vision Vitale Capsule is also being distributed in other countries including the UK, USA, Canada and in over 50 other countries.

This eye capsule is effective for the treatment of all forms of eye problems including cataract, myopia, glaucoma, vision loss etc.

Benefits of Vision Vitale Capsules

Promotes vision and prevents eye sight loss.

Alleviates eye fatigue and returns clear and shining eyes.

Also takes care of  diabetes and eye diseases. It can also can eliminate cataract and myopia

Can cure eye sight loss, macular degeneration and retintis pigmentosa.

Prevents eyes from light hurt.

What is the Dosage Norland Vision Vitale Capsules?

One bottle of Vision Vitale Capsule contains 60 soft capsules.

For adults, take one capsule twice a day.

One bottle lasts for 30 days.

For effective treatment, we recommend 3 bottles.

For children of 12 years of age and above, take one capsule once a day.

Note: There are no side effects for Norland Vision Capsule.

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There are lots of testimonies and reviews for Norland Vision Vitale Capsule. Also, kindly visit the testimonial page of this website for reviews of other products.

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We recommend that you combine it with Mebo GI Capsules and take it for 2- 3 months for effectiveness.





2 reviews for Vision Vitale Capsules

  1. Asuquo

    Norland vision vitale capsule is the supplement I used to treat my 2 years eye strain, cataract and myopia. It was like a magic cos I didn’t believe it will work. But it’s real, it worked.

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  2. Nwaru Peter

    I was diagnosed of Glaucoma 8 months ago, but after taking the Vision Vitale Capsules for 2 months, I went back to the hospital and my doctor told me that the pressure in my eyes has reduced drastically. And that there is no glaucoma in my eyes again. Thanks Kindy Stores for introducing me to this product. Vision Vitale Capsules really worked. I don’t regret the money I spent at all. Go for it if you have the condition I had

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.