Norland Products for HIV Patients




Norland Products for HIV include; Mebo GI Capsules, Immune Plus Capsules, Propolis-Lecithin Capsules and Natural Beta Carotene Capsules

The products will reduce the viral loads and help to effectively manage the HIV condition

It helps to prevent the progression of the infection to AIDS

Propolis-Lecithin is both antiviral and antibacterial supplement

Research shows that Beta Carotene supplements increase CD4 counts in HIV patients and increase the activity of the immune cells to kill cells infected with HIV.

Mebo GI Capsules and Immune Plus contain Vitamin E which is deficient in HIV-infected patients. So, intake of these supplements supply the necessary Vitamin E required in HIV patients to prevent the progression of HIV infection to full blown AIDS.

Therefore, Norland Products for HIV are suitable for those who want to reduce their viral load and boost their immune system ability to attack the HIV viral particle.


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