Norland Products for Fibroid


The products comprise of Mebo Gastrointestinal Capsules, Female Nouripad, Anion Panty Liner and Anion Sanitary Pad.

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Here are the List of Norland Products for Fibroid

These four Norland Products combination will help you to effectively shrink fibroid within 2-3 months of using them

Mebo GI Capsules: 2 bottles

Mebo GI capsules is Magic Capsule for stem cell regeneration therapy. It regenerates cells, tissues of the gastrointestinal tract and other cells.

It regenerates and restores the skin leaving a new and younger look. It has anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and anti-tumour properties.

Enhances the rate of fibroid removal without surgery by acting on the fibroid tumour to break them down. The Vitamin E present in Mebo GI capsules helps in this process.

Improves eye-sight and prevents Cataracts and Glaucoma

Strengthens the immune system especially in HIV and cancer patients

Female Nouripad: One full pack

Treats both reproductive and urinary system diseases in women e.g irregular menstruation, vaginal itching, dysmenorrhoeal, vaginal relaxation and dryness, sex pain and sexual debility.

Treats other major diseases such as bacterial vaginosis, cervicitis, cervical polyp, cervical hypertrophy, cervical erosion, cervical cancer, uterine fibroids, block fallopian tubes and breast cancer.

Also suitable for women with these conditions such as dizziness, headache, insomnia, dreaminess, night sweat, immunity decline, pain in waist and back, limb weakness, dark complexion, dry wrinkles, colour spots, pimples and sexual debility.

Norland Anion Panty Liners: 2 panty liners

This pad treat infections and helps to shrink uterine fibroids together with other products listed on this page

Anion Sanitary Pad: 2 sanitary pads

This pad is used for menstruation and it keeps the vaginal environment clean all through menstruation. It expels bad smell and treat vaginal infections.

Once you buy the Norland Products for Fibroid from us, we will send you the prescription/dosage on how to use the products to effectively achieve the removal of your fibroid within 2-3 months without surgery. So far, there are many testimonies on the Norland Products for Fibroid. All our customers who bought from us have benefited from these combination and you will also benefit too.

To buy Norland Products for Fibroid, call 08153700971, 09079508492 or Whatsapp +2349079508492.

A full pack of the Norland products for fibroid contains a total of four products which is made up of 3 female pads and one supplement. There are no side effects.

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