Norland Products for Diabetes



Norland Products for Diabetes

  1. Hypoglycemic Capsules
  2. Propolis-Lecithin Capsules
  3. Micro Molecule Oligopeptide

The 3 Norland Products above work effectively to reduce high blood sugar levels or the condition known as hyperglycemia. Diabetes or hyperglycemia is a condition that the body cannot utilize glucose or because the body isn’t producing enough insulin for glucose metabolism.

Key Benefits of Norland Products for Diabetes

  • Eliminates all excess sugar in the blood by aiding sugar metabolism
  • Oligopeptide provides immediate protein need for the body
  • Reduces blood sugar levels to the required level in the body
  • Activates pancreatic cells to begin insulin production
  • Prevents insulin resistance.

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For more details on each of the product please visit each link above.

The combination above is only for 1 month treatment which cost N58,000 0nly.

For complete and effective treatment, you have to take the Norland Products for Diabetes for at least 2 months.

2 months will be a total of 6 products at N110,000 discounted price.

We strongly recommend 3 months treatment if your blood sugar is extremely high or if you are already on insulin injection. For three months treatment, That will be N165,000 discounted for a total of 9 products ie 3 each of the same product.

But if you are not on insulin injection, then two month is perfect.

For orders, Whatsapp/call: +2349079508492 for deliveries in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Or simply place your order online.

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