Norland Anion Panty Liner


Norland Anion Panty Liner eliminates odour & itching, promotes oxygen to the womb, kills 99.9% bacteria, treats cervical cancer & aids in fibroid removal without surgery.

Eliminates ovarian cyst

Removes blocked Fallopian tubes


Norland Anion Panty Liner contains anion strips and farĀ infrared energy which can purify the vaginal environment and prevent menses from breeding anaerobic bacteria so as to eliminate odor, prevent itching, resist bacteria on the outside, and forestall diseases within the body.

Benefits of Norland Anion Panty Liner

Promotes blood circulation and eliminates ovarian cyst

Prevents gynecological diseases, improve inflammation-diminishing and sterilization

Removes waste toxins, nourish ovary for long-term

Promotes oxygen to the womb and helps to unblock Fallopian tube

Purifies blood by increasing alkalinity and balancing minerals in blood.

Kills 99.9% bacteria and prevents cervical cancer andĀ aids in fibroid removal without surgery

Detoxifies and treats skin disorder.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.