Longrich Toothpaste (200g)


white Tea Multi Effect


Longrich Toothpaste (200g) cleans teeth,keep gums healthy and breath fresh.It is very good in treating tooth pain, weak gum, bad breath and tooth decay. You do not have to remove your teeth whatsoever, Longrich Toothpaste (200g) is highly effective for every tooth sensitivity without any future side effect when you discontinue usage.It is one toothpaste with triple effects;Fluorine-free and decay resistance ingredients makes your mouth healthy and sparkling clean. Longrich Toothpaste (200g) Contains Strontium Chloride, Xylitol to reduce pain in sensitive teeth (sharp pains with hot/cold drinks) and builds strong teeth,calories, triclosan, antibacterial and antifungal (Sodium Benzoate), anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic agents.


suggest to brush your teeth daily in the morning and at night to keep healthy,squeeze desired amount onto toothbrush,brush teeth and rinse clean.


Do not swallow it,the children under age of six must be supervised to use it by adults.

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