Real Estate Investment in Nigeria: A wise choice of Investment

Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment can be the business choice ever for every individual. It has a very high income capacity and it has a tendency to serve as a long term investment.

As it value increases exponentially it can serve as a means to build wealth for yourself.

Real estate involves property buying, selling, lease or rents and the value at which these properties are being given out determines your earning capacity.

Statistics have shown that real estate agents earn an average of N17,500,000 per year which cannot be compared to government paid jobs.

In real estate you can be an agent, and you can also be the purchaser. All these have an earning portion.

However, a real estate agent can only earn some percentages of each sales he makes.


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Some likely challenging questions you may ask if you want to start a real estate investment in Nigeria

How do I get valuable properties?

How will I get buyers?

And exactly how will I have an agency to partner with without any qualifications?

And so on…

Interestingly, there are various agencies who have made provision on thee online platforms where you can partner.

With these online platforms you can get a list of properties,

  • Available for sales.
  • Description of the topography, landscape and existing properties close to that can attract buyers.
  • You get photos of each of them and you can also go for inspection if you are close to the property to have a full insight of how the property looks like.


Through the info given to the agency you will be sent SMS whenever they go for inspection. But don’t allow this to be an obstacle for you.

It doesn’t really mean that you can’t sell if you don’t go for inspection. The main thing here is for you to get your client, direct him or her to the consultancy involved in the property which your client chooses to buy.

After everything has been settled and property purchased, you will go to your dashboard and fill a seller form and summit and your commission will be paid immediately after confirmation.

Why You Should Start a Real Estate Investment in Nigeria 

  • You have to note that real estate provides huge returns than the stock market.
  • It gives a good value for asset which tend to give you a good interest commission.
  • As the value of asset increases overtime you tend to earn more.
  • Real estate investment can create a means of acquiring much assets and wealth to yourself.
  • Investing in real estate comes with numerous tax benefits where every percentages of deductions made are added to your commission.
  • It provides a means of having access to numerous properties within the vicinity.
  • If you are a trusted agent, it will serve as a means for government to reach out to you whenever they are in need of your service.

How to Start a Real Estate Investment

You can invest in real estate in various ways;

  • By buying and reselling properties
  • By flipping properties.
  • And by partnering with agencies.





There are lots of real estate realtor’s agencies where you can partner with if you don’t have capital to buy the properties, you earn from this agencies by selling their properties most of them set commission of 10-15% interest for each value of property sold.

There are various trusted agencies you can partner with sign up with them and go through the list of available properties for sale and start publishing and advertising


  • WestLand storage




  • EUC HOMES – Consultant Registration


  • I – Consultant’s registration form

You can sign up with the following agencies above and get emails daily from them. Ensure you fill in the correct details and endeavour to get every mails and SMS from them.

For better understanding please contact the sales manager with the number you will receive in the email.