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Quantum Energy Glasses


Quantum Energy Glasses

Breakthrough 1: Standing wave technology with quantum energy transfer.After 48 hours’ quantum implantation, the glasses can carry quantum energy and promote eye microcirculation. Repair microcirculation and eliminate toxin.

2: Anti blue-ray -Protect eyes-AR anti-reflective coating

Clear the diffuse reflection of the glass, effectively remove all kinds of stray light and glare, improve the visual quality of the lens, make the vision more clear, prevent the aggravation of myopia.Effectively block ultraviolet ray and prevent blue ray.

3 : Negative Ions-Anion glasses is a new measure to protect the health of eyes.

Quantum Energy Glasses Benefits

Relieve eye fatigue.

Corrects eye sight problems over time.

Protects your sight against every ray which no other glasses whether medicated or sunshade can do.

100% quantum long lasting.

Price for Quantum Energy Glasses is N38,000 ($100)

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