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Immune Booster Capsules

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Key features
  • It helps to build up the body’s immune system
  • It assists the body to fight illness caused by germs and viruses
  • It improves body natural defence against invaders
  • It neutralizes the effect of anti-oxidants
  • It boost the energy level of the body
  • It is a natural antibiotic

Norland Immune Vital Capsules

Immune Vital Capsules restores Men's vigor and vitality. It a supplement that is specially designed for enhancing men's immunity and sexual activity. The Health Benefits of Norland Immune Vital capsules are; 1、Immune regulation function. 2、Lowers blood pressure, improve fatty liver, anti-tumor effect, anti-aging effects; 3、Eliminates the male prostate problem enhances male sexual function, enhances fertility. 4、Expert tips: Immune Vital Capsules are purely biological, natural nutrient science ratio, suitable for long-term use of men.

Norland Immune Plus Capsules

Immune Plus Capsules is a powerful immune booster supplement Natural anti-aging. Suitable for people with irregular period. A good source of omega-3 fatty acid which reduces the risk of a heart disease and osteoporosis. Contains antioxidant properties which protect the cardiovascular system from oxidizing (bad) cholesterol. Prevents breast cancer by blocking the cancer causing effects of human estrogen. Supports skin elasticity and healthy cell growth.

Norland Immune Plus Capsules (30 capsules)

Norland Immune Plus Capsule is a healthy food supplement mainly made up of sheep placenta extract, soy isoflavones, lecithin etc.