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Longrich Berry Oil

It boosts immunity, protects liver from chemical damage and protects the retina of the eye. ·It contains powerful antioxidants that can help prevent some form of cancer, heart disease and it helps to enhance your body immune response to infection

Wuqing Men Health Care Nouripad

Wuqing Men Health care nouripad is the best pantyliner for detoxification. For smooth urination, better prostate, stronger immunity, more energy, stronger waist and leg and better physical condition. It boosts sexual libido/performance, enhances erection and increases stamina. It enhances joy and sexual satisfaction in marital life. It removes prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. It boosts sperm count and aids in fertility.

Norland Micromolecule Oligopeptide

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Micro molecule Oligopeptide nourishes the cells of the body and prevents cell degeneration. It enhances immunity and preserves health. It contains small molecule peptides in the form of amino acids that the body needs. It contains over 20 useful amino acids that are readily absorbed in the body to supply immediate nutrient to the body. Norland oligopeptide benefits  The Benefits of Norland Micromolecule Oligopeptide are but not limited to the following;
  • Good memory, brain flexibility
  • Strong immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-aging.
  • Anti-cancer, anti-various diseases
  • Good digestion, adequate nutrition
  • Strong bones
  • Smooth and elastic skin, thick and shiny hair.
  • Prevents microcirculation disorder
  • Treat diabetes

Norland Immune Vital Capsules

Immune Vital Capsules restores Men's vigor and vitality. It a supplement that is specially designed for enhancing men's immunity and sexual activity. The Health Benefits of Norland Immune Vital capsules are; 1、Immune regulation function. 2、Lowers blood pressure, improve fatty liver, anti-tumor effect, anti-aging effects; 3、Eliminates the male prostate problem enhances male sexual function, enhances fertility. 4、Expert tips: Immune Vital Capsules are purely biological, natural nutrient science ratio, suitable for long-term use of men.

Norland Immune Plus Capsules

Immune Plus Capsules is a powerful immune booster supplement Natural anti-aging. Suitable for people with irregular period. A good source of omega-3 fatty acid which reduces the risk of a heart disease and osteoporosis. Contains antioxidant properties which protect the cardiovascular system from oxidizing (bad) cholesterol. Prevents breast cancer by blocking the cancer causing effects of human estrogen. Supports skin elasticity and healthy cell growth.

UltraMega (Fish Oil)

PRODUCT BENEFITS Supports heart health Helps in weight management Improves immunity Reduces inflammation in the body Relieves depression and anxiety Helpful for Alzheimer disease patients Effective for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD) Improves skin care&acne Helpful for pancreatic cancer Reduces triglyceride level

Kedi ReVive Capsules

INGREDIENTS What is the formula composition? A proprietary blend of; Radix ginseng. Herb epimedi. Fructus trbuli. Radix polyoni multifori. Cortex eucommiae. Cordyceps militaris.