How to Start a Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria


Poultry business in Nigeria has remained one of the dominating businesses in our time. It is one of the fastest growing businesses as well as highly profitable business.

Before you keep doubting if this business will be profitable to you, you must know that the demand for meat is on a high side.  Hotels purchase poultry birds in a high volume, restaurant and bars do same, almost all occasions now make use of poultry birds as meat to spice up their food.

Most families now also purchase chicken in large amount and store in their freezer and use it simultaneously without having any need for meat. Road side kiosks roast parts of these birds on daily basis and they have large number of patronisers.  So, tell me why and how your chickens will remain in the cage when they have reached maturity.

So, if you have this business in mind, this is the right time to start. Consider the bi-products of these animals as none of them is a waste. The dungs of poultry birds are used as manure, the eggs are used for as many purposes you can ever imagine of such as cake making, sauce, and medicinal use, even their feathers are useful too.

Poultry birds that are reared for egg production are called layers while those ones that are breed for meat production are called broilers.

The most interesting thing in poultry farming business is that it does not select location, be highly assured that anywhere you start it provided there is an access road, then your business is set to move. I have seen a poultry farm in a forest, nobody lives there and you walk miles before you start seeing houses where people live but the rate at which the business is growing is unbelievable.

The only thing you will have to consider in location aspect of poultry farming business is the regulation act which is very important, this regulation is to help you not to site your poultry farming business in area where it will affect the health and safety of those living around or doing business around. This regulation does not really apply to poultry farming business alone but it cuts across other animal farming businesses.

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Factors to Consider before Starting a Poultry Farming Business

Select a Niche

Poultry farming business involves different types of poultry birds. Selection of niche involves choosing the type of poultry bird that you want to rear. The most dominant ones are:

Layers: These birds are bred for egg production

Broilers: These type of poultry birds are breed for meat production.

Method of Breeding

There are usually two methods of breeding poultry birds, the conventional system and the free-range system. The conventional system involves creating a well-ventilated confined structure and sheltering the birds in it where their movement is limited within the cage. While the free-range system involves allowing the birds to move freely without any controlled movement.

Start-up Capital

Capital is one of the primary factors in any business set up. You can conveniently start a poultry farm business in NIGERIA with N170,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand naira) but for those that already have a land to start the capital can reduce to N100,000. Fortunately, government and Agencies, Corporate Bodies, Cooperative societies as well as banks usually give out loans to farmers on periodic basics and on request so you can benefit from this loan grant.


Note: My price breakdown covers a minimum of 100-day old chicks which I can advise that you should not go below that for profit sake. And the list of materials is to enable them have adequate spacing even while feeding.

One carton of day-old chicks contains 50 of it each sold at N450. 100-day old chicks i.e 2 cartons will cost you #45,000.00

Purchase a poultry feed alongside with their drugs for N15,000. It can last for 3 weeks or more depending on the feeding capacity.

Purchase up to 10 feeding containers which will not cost you more than N8000

For a start, you can make use of lantern as their light source, 5 lanterns will be enough for them which will cost up to N6,000.00. If possible, you can get a generator.

Material for construction of a well-ventilated cage for 100 poultry birds and the construction cost can be covered with N20,000

You can get a plot of land for lease or rent at N60,000

Use the remaining for maintenance.

Note: their breeding period is usually 2 months or less. Not all grow at the same rate, some grow faster and bigger than others. You can place your minimum price at N3000.00 for those ones that are not fast growing and N5,000 for the fast growing and believe me you must get back your capital with a high profit, am a witness. Don’t worry about the prices because they must buy as far as you advertise well.

Other expenses will include registration fee as you grow in the business, equipment, staff wages or salaries as well as other hidden charges.

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Marketing and Advertisement

After a successful accounting plan, you have to set out ways to reach people and make your business known. You can use mouth to mouth adverts, BROILERS FOR SALE, eggs for sale, digital means, reach as many hotel owners, friends, church members, cool rooms, bakers, restaurants and bar owners, road side roasters with your complementary cards.


Mobility might not really be an issue but in the case where it turns to be one of the factors that affects the growth of your business, then fetch out ways to distribute your produce.


You must be conscious of the season and the likely disease that birds are meant to pass through during that period. Ensure that you take steps to prevent your poultry birds from being affected.


You must also consider the time that you will put in ensuring that your birds are in a good state at all times.


You might wonder where security plays a role here, but it is very necessary. Either insects may come in to attack your birds and if they succeed it might lead to their dead and you start experiencing a loss. Invaders may come in at night, dangerous animals may also come to attack so you must be security conscious in this business.


How to Start a Poultry Farming Business

  1. Site Selection: In every agricultural activity, the first process is always site selection. Selecting a site for poultry farming business involves where you want to locate your poultry farm. Before locating your poultry farm, you must apply the poultry farming regulation act to avoid issues with the government. The poultry farming regulatory act enables you to consider disease control, food health and safety, the environment (i.e odour and noise) agricultural chemicals, poultry manure as well as the animal welfare.
  1. Set Up a Structure: In setting up a structure for breeding poultry birds, you must consider their ventilation and spacing. Don’t measure their space with their present sizes, but measure it with their future sizes.


  1. Purchase Materials: Buy feeding tools, saw dusts and other necessary equipment and put them in place. After that, purchase the day-old chicks and store them in the shelter.


  1. Routine Check: Routine checks involve ensuring that their hygiene, health, feeding levels are properly attended to.


  1. Note your expenses.