Photography Business in Nigeria

Photography business in Nigeria is another branch of art and craft work that is very profitable. Recently, I have been posting articles on business under art and craft. This is to unveil various business opportunities under art and craft which a lot of people tend to ignore but others are making millions of naira from it.

Peoples interest in photography have even lead to an online platform where pictures are sold in exchange for money. Come to think of it, what do you want to do with what they want to use the picture which you are selling to them for and what are the requirement for this? Dear reader, the only requirement is QUALITY pictures and everyone needs quality.

Everybody wants to keep a memory of life events be it good or bad. Being a photographer in Nigeria has to do with your ability to put your eye on the focus, put your hand on the knob and giving a clear and acceptable shot.

Photography business in Nigeria has become one of the fast growing and income generating businesses.

Photography business does not only end with picking up a camera to capture something, but it starts from how you have been able to make what you have captured to have an smooth, clear, more attractive outlook etc. This is the first thing you have to consider before going into photography.

Most importantly, in order to be a successful photographer in Nigeria, you must be a man of integrity, speed and accurate. You must always try to deliver your work as quick as you can for better customer satisfaction. If you see yourself as someone who is lacking in this area then you have to take a step towards improving for a better performance in your photography business.

Also know that you cannot focus on capturing only one person or one event to become successful in photography. Therefore you must input every amount of speed and accuracy in photography business so that you will be able to attend to as many people as you can.

Therefore, you can see that the success in photography business depends on crowd and your ability to respond to the needs of the crowd at any given time. This makes you a successful photographer.

What do you need to become a photographer

1. Skills

To become a successful photographer in Nigeria one has to possess

Technical skill– Your technical skill has to do with your ability to use the camera.

Artistic skill- Your artistic skill has to do with your ability to know the type of background that you want to capture on, ability to apply effects and so on. This also has to do with your ability to edit, polish and to turn cinderellas into prince and princesses (if you can do this, women will be most of your customers)

Communication skill- This involve your ability to interact with your customers, ask them the type of background they will like to use. Nevertheless, as a photographer you must ensure that the choice of background made by your customer must give a befitting photo shot. It also involve telling your customer to smile in the process of capturing, body positioning, face positioning, styles etc.

2. Training

 To become a successful photographer, you must meet experts in this field get experience on the various skills and methods of taking photos, printing, editing, enlargement and lots more. You can enroll on a two to three month training on this to be perfect.

After the training, get equipment and begin self practice. Go to events, workshops, parties etc and do what you learnt. Also try to find out what people are saying about your work. You don’t really need to start up your own immediately. You can start working under a professional so that you gain more knowledge on the areas that you don’t really do well. And with this, if your work is good people will get to know you and you become popular before you begin your own business.

3. Capital

After you have learnt all skills that is needed to become successful in photography business, you can comfortably start your business with N150,000. You may not really need an office, in fact most photographers that I know don’t have a particular place to stay. So your capital focuses only on your tools and mobility.

4. Mobility

In order to become a successful photographer in Nigeria, you must be mobile i.e you must always be available to attend to your customer, attend wedding, birthday, graduations, send forth ceremonies, inaugurations etc. and make people to know about you. This will only be possible if you do a good job.

5. Advertisement

Make your business become popular, print complementary cards, posters, adverts on the social media and include your name and phone number on it. Always attend large events and try to get the attention of people there based on the nature of your job. You can also create a website. I know a couple of persons who can help you create a nice website.

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Tools used for photography and their Cost Analysis

With a capital of N150,000 you can start a photography business in Nigeria with the tools listed below;

  • A PRINTING MACHINE (wait and take printer)

Other tools you need is a bag that will contain your tools, a red and white colour textile material for taking passports, LED light, photographers license, printing paper, flash drive etc.

Qualities of a good Photographer

  1. Good communication skills
  2. You must always appear in a neat and cooporate outfit. Let your dressing impress people to come close for you to snap them.
  3. Sincerity is another quality that keeps your business moving. Therefore be ready to deliver your work on or before the deadline to avoid lack of trust.
  4. Always do things that make your customers to laugh and be friendly
  5. Try to be giving free shots with your customers and let them have a copy of your identity
  6. Customers satisfaction should always be your watchword
  7. A good photographer must be creative, have a knowledge on how to add effects, add light, cropping, and give a sharp photo.
  8. Don’t be selfish enough to do everything yourself. Tell others about the latest event, put more hands to join you and make the work little.


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Some Popular Photographers in Nigeria

Photography Business



Photography Business in Nigeria