Refer & Earn Weekly


Refer and earn weekly income service allows customers or visitors to this site to make money via referrals. It is very simply.

For you to earn weekly income from us, you need to refer people to buy our products or do business with us.

There are different ways you can refer people to buy our products and or do business with us.

One of the ways is sharing and posting information of our business  entry plan to potential prospects on Facebook and other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc, and also sharing the list and benefits of our products.

The list of our products can be found here, the benefits of our products can be found HERE.

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Check the information on our business entry plan  here

You need to first read it yourself before sharing it with your prospects on Facebook and other social media platforms.


You must have at least 3000 Facebook friends and belong to at least 5 large marketing groups on Facebook.

You must like our Facebook pages, and, and be a member of our Facebook groups (Kindy Stores and UYO ONLINE MARKET), and follow us on Instagram 

You need at least 300-500 Instagram followers and a WhatsApp account.


  • You will be working 2-3 hours daily and sharing and posting  information from our website and Facebook pages to your own timeline and the large Facebook groups and Instagram.


  • When you start, you will add new members (that is your friends) to our Facebook groups, and also invite them to like our pages.


  • You will also like and write good comments on all our daily post on Facebook pages, groups and Instagram.

Terms and conditions 

  • Each item (worth 10,000 and above) that we sell from your referrals, you will earn N500. So if you we sell 10 products from your referrals in a week , you will earn N5,000. Each item below N5,000, you will earn N200. Check our prices here
  • WhatsApp us on 09079508492 with the Name of the person you have referred. When the person buys from us, we will transfer your commission to you. Or if you can, deduct the N1,000 from the total amount of the product before crediting our account.


  • You will receive an amount of N5,000 on each person you refer to partner with Greenleaf Biotech. Click  here for more details.
  • Lastly, you will be paid N2oo recharge card weekly for just sharing our social media links, websites on all social media platforms.