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Greenleaf Powder Cockroach Killing Bait

Greenleaf Powder Cockroach Killing Bait Features A kind of bait powder with high efficiency, low toxicity and environmental protection It

Teeth whitening gel pen

2,500.00 2,000.00

Get your teeth shine white and sparkling like Pearls with this gel pen

Cooling Gel Patch for Fever and Headache

Cooling gel patch is an head patch gel that soothes fever, headache and toothache. It is very safe for children and adults.

Smacin ANTI Mosquito Bracelet


5 Facts About Smacin ANTI Mosquito Bracelet

It does not contain DEET. It can be used by pregnant women and children The diving cloth is made of high-quality silica gel, which can prevent mosquito bites in case of water Wrist and ankle can be worn, if worn together, the effect will be better The product is adjustable to better fit your wrist Offers 24-hour protection

Saabmal Herbal Capsule


Saabmal Herbal Capsule Benefits

Prevention and Treatment of Malaria /Typhoid -take 4 caps at first and continue with 2caps 2 times a day Prevention and Treatment of Cold and Flu Helps in the Treatment of Sickle Cell Anemia Cleanses the Liver and Good for all Liver Borne Diseases Treatment of Kidney Stones Facilitates the treatment of Hepatitis

Superdose Capsule Immune Booster


Superdose Capsule Ingredients 

The ingredients that make up Superdose Capsule are as follows; Echinacea, Garlic, Uva Ursi, Ipomea purge, Tumeric, Zinc, and Lecithin.

Fohow Neck Pad: Bio-induction Thermal Neck Protector

Fohow Neck Pad is a bio-thermal neck protector that stimulates blood circulation around the neck to effectively relieve and eliminate

Longrich Classy Energy Pot (28cm)


Longrich Energy Pot Benefits

  • It preserves food nutrient and energy brought into the pot.
  • Soup cooked in the pot is clear, taste fresh and the bottom of the pot does not paste
  • The real flavour of the food is maintained and energy is also brought into the pot
  • Fruits kept in the pot remains fresh and healthy after days
  • Food cooked in the energizing pot is fresh and tender after a long time

Longrich Seed Box

  • Our bodies dont lie
  • This seed box shows all the fruits and vigitables used in producing the Nutri-Vich pink and Blue
  • It is the best natural diet
  • Raw foodism is to eat fresh fruits, vegitables and cereals without cooking
  • What we eat determines our physical conditions


Vagina Self Test Card Instructions

Fohow Oral Liquid

This preparation – a biological immune system regulator – is distinguished for a strong impact on a human body. It


A pack of stc30 is 30,500 2 pack is 55,000