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Online Business

Online business and more. Have you ever asked yourself whenever everything in the world would be shifted to the internet way, what will be the position of your business?

Looking at the world today what you observe is that everything is now harnessed to the internet. This is the effect of digitization. It has turned the world into a global village where everything is done at ease ranging from communication, businesses, trading, relationship and more of them to mention.

As a result of this changes, opportunities have been created for everyone to engage in various online activities that is productive. Come to think of it, why are most of the trending millionaires’ successes tied to online or internet driven tasks? This means there is a gold in this internet we do mention every day and the ability for one to mine this gold depends on his zealousness and commitment.

One interesting thing about being an online entrepreneur is that it doesn’t give room for gender discrimination. It is everyone’s task where no one will query you for doing.

In online business, there is room for watching free online tutorials on any aspect of online business you want to go into, this videos contains step by step methods of running a successful business.

Most coaching and training programs online are done by inexperienced persons but still you see how they generate their income by teaching but not doing.

It is most obvious to some people that whenever they hear of online business they regard it as scam, but I want to let you that inorder to be successful in any business you have to take risk. Without taking risk in online business you will not know the area that is genuine and paying and the area that is real.

Engaging in online business gives one a sense of belonging and carefulness, it makes one to be interrogative when dealing with people he has not seen before. Online businesses are not a scam, there are many genuine businesses out there on the internet where one can invest and be earning.

One interesting thing about online business is that the outcome is very appealing and encouraging compared to a normal entrepreneur. An online entrepreneur can earn three times of what a common entrepreneur earns in a month.

Most people when they are being introduced to online stuffs they want to observe first before taking action, Taylor said “don’t wait for a perfect time, start now and take action”

Another interesting thing about online business is that it is location independent as you can stay anywhere anytime to earn your money. Some successful online entrepreneurs are Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook; Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft; Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google and Linda Ikeji (a blogger).


List of some people who are successful in Online Business

Jeff Taylor

He is the CEO of DEVISE, he started online business just as an ordinary web designer and a marketer and grew his business into an entity that creates, monetizes and markets websites.

Now Taylors company earn a seven figure on his website. Taylor said he had thousands of ideas, but unless you put action behind them, the idea will not have any result.


Tim Seilder

Online business really changed the status of this man. He began the selling of portfolio of websites for millions. He launched a site get niche quick where he blogs about the positives and negatives of entrepreneurial journey and making it known that as an entrepreneur, things won’t really go straight as you think, there is always a bad day but you have to be courageous provided you have a target.


Dom Wells

He is an online marketer; he has a website named HUMAN PROOF DESIGNS which contain trainings on how to start a niche website.

What is that your idea you have and still doubting that you cannot excel in it through online business? DOM WELL has utilized his and he is making good income, why not also give your own a trail.


Steve Rendell

His enterprise deals with creating profitable niche websites and giving them a high ranking using private blog networks.


Stuart Walker

His enterprise specializes on online niche marketing, he is an under 30 entrepreneur yet his online business has made him achieve his dreams, he has travel round the world and own lots of assets.

His blog has contents that can help online entrepreneurs become successful, also hints that enabled him to create a size able income, you too can do it.

Other online entrepreneurs with inspiring success story are Tung Tran, Alistair Gill, Melanie Duncan.


How to become successful in Online Business

  1. Discover what you can give to the people that will interest them, note that anything you put online is viewed by millions therefore think of that thing that whenever people come across them they will find interest in it.


  1. Think of the number of time you can spend in a day to work.


  1. Surf ways of putting this information across to reach as many people as possible.


  1. Put everything in place that will enable you to give attention to your clients i.e you have to be online, respond to any incoming mails as you don’t know the one that is there to make a deal with you.


  1. Employ more hands if you find it becomes stressful.


  1. Make your business name captivating.


  1. Set up links that people will be able to reach you. You can use mails, standby phone number, social media etc.


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Various Online Businesses

SEO consultant

SEO means search engine optimization. This has to do with optimizing a website to increase the amount of visitors to that website and also ensuring that the website ranks higher on the search result page.


Business Coaching

This has to do with creating a business platform to train or educate others on how to be successful on a particular field, you can train someone on blogging online, you can train on SME data sales and other online businesses you know about. You can also write various articles about businesses on online platforms and always make a means of contacting you on your post.


Online Marketer/Seller

You can be a specialized retailer. There are various online stores or ecommerce site where you can sell your goods and products and by proper advertisement and awareness you can get buyers even faster than having a physical store, so you don’t need a shop to start an online business.


Social Media Consultant

You can also be a social media consultant were you manage various networks such as Facebook pages, groups etc but the popular one I know is Amazon. You can work with them online and get your payment in dollars. The various jobs here may include site update, article writings, sending mails etc.


Web Design

If you have that imaginative skills to put on a captivating design, why waste your talent in doubt, sign up for freelancing jobs and bid on various web design jobs..



This is now the order of the day as blogging is now a source of income to many that are taking it serious. As a blogger you must have that creative and innovative mind-set, and get your site updated with interesting contents as this is what makes you to be paid monthly, you can start a blog with N15,000


Crypto and Forex Trading

This is another dominating online business of the day, crypto is just like crude oil, it rises and increases in price. Investment is mostly done when the price decreases and as the rate increases you can exchange it at a profitable rate. You can start a successful crypto trading with #100,000. Since there are various scams you can buy your coins directly from or you can still contact me for your coins on 08067173927


Google Admob

This has been in existence since 2012, it has to do with app developing and as more visitors download your app on google play, you will get monthly minimum pay of $100 and you can start with as low as N16, 000 just a one-time investment.


Mini Importation

This is still one of the online businesses people don’t still want to believe that it’s genuine. Mini importation has to do with buying goods online from other countries at very cheap prices and selling at an interest rate. Various trusted online sites to purchase goods at wholesale includes, (it a china site so use chrome to enable you translate to English. You can start mini import comfortably with N10,000.


SME Data Sales

This is another online business that is trending in Nigeria. In SME data sales, you buy data from the network companies different from the normal data rates and sell it to retailers with an interest.

You can start with N5000 if you want to serves as a middle man or reseller by partnering with various websites such as,  SME DataData Hub. All you need to do is to fund your wallet and start reselling. You can start with N10000 if you want to buy directly from the network providers.

Other online businesses include; freelancing job, affiliate marketing, app development, and blog admin.

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