NutriWealth Gobal Business Opportunity in Nigeria

Registration Packages in Nutriwealth Global

Starter-No of Boxes:2
Amount: N35,150 ($65) PV- 65

No of Boxes:8
PV- 260
Cost- $260
In Naira- 140,000

No of Boxes- 26
Cost $845
In Naira- 458,000

Service Center- 2.5M

Nutriwealth Global Compensation


Before I talk about this l need you to know that the payout for most of the Network marketing companies you know is always around 50-55% of revenue. But Stem cell companies Changed all that. PHYTOSCIENCE AND SUPERLIFE LED THE PACK BY paying around 65-70%. However, I am glad to inform you that as a Programmer who develop compensation plan software… Our payout is 80% of revenue.

FIRST LEVEL EARNINGS IN NUTRIWEALTH 👇 👇👇How the Calculations is done

1) Starter to Starter

If someone sign up with a starter package and reg one person, she earns—
35% of PV= (0.35 *65) = 22.75
22.75*450(Payout rate in Naira)= #10,235.00

If d person sign up two people, one at d right and one at d left with same starter package.
He earns (#10,237.5*2)+(15%65pv)weaker leg, #4,387.5== *#24,862.5

2) Builder to Builder

If u sign up with a builder package and reg one builder.
Earns—35% of 260PV = (0.35 * 260)weaker leg=
91 * 450= #40,950

If u sign up two builders==
(#40950*2)+(15%*260)weaker leg ==39*450(#17,550).

3) Master To Master

Someone dat sign up with a Master Package and reg one Master, earns-
35% of PV = (0.35 * 845) =295.75
295* 450= #133,000

If d person sign up two masters ===
(#133,000*2) +(15%*845)#57,037.5==#323, 037.

Binary Matching:
Binary Matching is what enables our distributors to earn on one leg… It is based on a percentage of binary pay earned by direct referrals and up to their sixth generation

Imagine making that everyday based on the efforts of others in your team, when u start building your team.

Global Sales Bonus Allows you to earn up to 50% of reorder made up to your 6th generation….
Please Note: Reorder starts A YEAR AFTER LAUNCH…

Unilevel Bonus allows you to earn up to 52% of Maintainance done by members of your team…
NB: There is no Maintenance or AUTOSHIP in the first year

Leadership Rank…
Make your first 2000$, you become a team Leader… You are given a Branded Smartphone…
NB… You are required to make 350$ in your qualifying month

Senior Team Leader…
Accumulate 5000$, and make 750$ in your qualifying month…
The company gives you
1. Branded Laptop/Tablet
2. 5 Star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 Dinner
3. 100$ Every month for Life

To become a Director, Accumulate 20,000$ and make $1500 in your qualifying month. As a Director you enjoy:
1. 5 Star Dinner
2. International Travel
3. Monthly Salary of 250$ (112,500) for life…

Double Crown Director,
To become a double crown Director, Earn a total of 50,000 $ and 7,500$ in your qualifying month.
Then you will get;
1. International Trip
2. Qualify for Saloon Car Promo
3. Monthly Salary of 750$(337,500) for life…