NutriVRich Blue


Contains 30 satchets.


Longrich NutriVRich Blue NutriVRich Blue contains brown rice which is rich in selenium, an important trace mineral known to drastically reduce our chances of developing certain forms of cancer, as well as heart disease, inflammatory condition and rheumatoid arthritis. It promotes weight loss because of its fibre richness and ability to keep healthy bowel function. It is cereal based and children can take it. It is an antioxidant with blue berries, green tea and also contains the necessary components needed to stabilize digestion, prevent/relieves constipation and promotes proper elimination/bowel function.

* Key features *

For ulcer patients.

For elimination of toxins in the body.

For people with low immunity.

Regulates low blood pressure.

Balanced nutritious meal with rich fibres.

Prevents various diseases.

Nutrient in natural form without cooking.


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