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Norland Products Price List

Norland Products Price List on Kindy Stores

In this Norland Products Price list, you will find out the prices of Norland Products sold on Kindy Stores, Nigeria. Different distributors sell their products with a little difference in prices. Nevertheless, you can get these products at the cheapest price by buying directly from us.

Here is the complete Norland Products Price List for Norland Products available on Kindy Stores Nigeria 2018/2019. 

GI Vital Softgel — N18,500

Sunlit Toothpaste (Norland Herbal Toothpaste)(150g)– N2,000

Nouripad Anion Sanitary Napkin(280mm)—- N1700

Nouripad Anion Sanitary Pantyliner(30 Pcs)–N2,000

Sunlit liquid Detergent (1 Bottle)  —- N3000

Sunlit Kitchen Oil Cleaner –N3500

Sunlit Mouth Wash-New (1 Bottle) — N5800

Health Way Immune+Capsules –N13,000

Norland Immune Plus Capsules — N8,600

Islym (Norland Chocolate bar-weight loss) — N12,000

Vita Natural β-Carotene Capsules–  N15,000

Health Way Hypogl Ycemic Herbal Capsules –N10,000

Health Way Calcium Iron Zinc Capsules–  N15,500

Chao Li Kang Immune Vital Capsules– N15,500

FDA Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet Candy– N15,500

Norland HealthWay Vision Capsules–  N16,000

Cellspa Silky Facial Mask(6 pcs)– N15,000

Norland Healthway Capsules– N16,500

Chao Li Kang Propolis-Lecithin Capsules– N16,500

Micro-molecule Peptide–  N19,000

Energy Bracelet(Black)– N35,000

Energy Bracelet(Gold)– N35,000

Wuqing Nourishing Health Pad (Male;1 Box)– N35,500

Wuqing Nourishing Health Pad (Female;1 Box)– N35,500

Magic Pan with Cover — N50,000

Nourishing Health Shoe Insole –N60,000


Norland Products Price List for Treating various Health Problems

Norland Products for Fibroid — N60,000

Norland Fertility Products— N70,000

Prostate Cancer Remedy Pack — N72,000

Norland Products for Diabetes — N58,000

Hepatitis Products— N72,000

Norland Products for HIV—  N90,000

For Functions of all the Norland Products, kindly click on Norland Products with their functions

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