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Norland Mouthwash (previously Mouth gargle) is the best mouthwash anyone can have when it comes to having a germ free gum and a fresh breath all day. It is the best mouthwash for bad breath (halitosis). You can also prevent bad breath by using the Norland Mouthwash.

Major Ingredients and Benefits of Norland Mouthwash


This is an antibacterial agent that suppresses the growth of gum bacteria and absorbs harmful protein bacteria. It is very effective in reducing the quantity of acidic substances in oral cavity.

Citric Acid

This ingredient gives a fresh breath, removes oral bacteria and eliminates phlegm. It also removes bad odour.

Natural Xylitol

It refreshes breath, removes germs and dental carries. It contains no sugar additives, preserves oral health.

Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract

This ingredient suppresses the growth of oral bacterium called Streptococcus mutants. It removes dental carries, prevents inflammation and removes odour.

Protein Sodium Phosphate

This ingredient releases a microelement called silver ion into the oral cavity. It effectively removes stubborn stains on the teeth like tea stains, coffee stains, tobacco stains etc. It strengthens the teeth.

How to use Norland Mouthwash

Wake up in the morning with a refreshing breath with this amazing product from Norland, introducing Norland Mouthwash.
Just pour a liquid content into the cover that came with the product and gargle prior to sleeping or after brushing in the morning. I just love this product since I started using it. I am a testimony of this product. There is one thing you will notice when using this product.
After using the Norland mouthwash before sleeping, by the time you wake up, you will notice that your breath will still remain fresh. You will not perceive any bad smell at all. 
So if you are looking for a product that cures halitosis or bad breath, Norland mouthwash is the product you need.
Completely removes mouth odour and toothache.
Get yours today!!
Whatsapp/call:  09079508492 to buy the Norland mouthwash
Enjoy a fresh breath all day long, even if your are unable to brush your teeth in the morning. Simply gargle with this mouth wash and enjoy freshness. The content is about 350ml which is easy to carry. 



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1 review for Norland Mouthwash

  1. Dr Udofia

    My son had very serious toothache problem that persisted for year regardless of the different mouth wash I bought for him. I was even about to take him to the hospital to extract his teeth until I came across this Norland mouth gargle. After my son used this product for 4 days, the pains disappeared and we are now using the Norland herbal toothpaste in our family.
    Thank you Norland

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