Norland Industrial Group: MLM Company with a Difference

Norland Industrial Group

Norland Industrial Group is a Chinese company that was founded in 2008. It is a subsidiary of American Zhimingde International Group Co., Ltd with international offices in over 50 countries including USA, Canada, Russia, Korea, Brazil, Venezuela, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Indonesia, Ghana, South Africa, etc

It was introduced into Nigeria in 2017 and was officially launched in Nigeria on 12th October 2017. Norland is fast growing and expanding to other African countries.

Founded in 2008, Norland Industrial group is a large scale multinational industrial group which is involved in the health industry, medical cosmetology industry, direct selling industry and e-commerce industry.

It is involved in many other areas including health management, medical services, international logistics and finance. The company adheres to the vision of “Build global ecosystem of health and detoxification and make everyone benefit from health wisdom” and has taken a lead in health detoxification field.

In the 8 years of growth, Norland has created numerous brilliant business ventures. This has been through the support of domestic and foreign governments, social organizations, senior management of the company as well as business partners and consumers. Norland recently achieved efficient and stable growth.

Norland is mainly involved in healthy and beauty consumer goods with health detoxification as the core product. This includes Zhimingde Detox Pro Pack, Detox Pro health food, Health way, Chaolikang and Fudi’an, Meibao Nutrition Health Food, Anti-aging Series, Platinum Luxury Anti-aging Skin Care Products, Nouripad Personal Care Products, “UingKing International Medical Cosmetology” project and service, REBORN anti-aging and health check project and service, detoxification check and susceptible genes project and service, “Benyuan Shenghuohui” store franchise system as well as “North Huigo Mall” Internet+ e-commerce platform.

Three basic things to know about Norland Industrial Group

  1. The Company
  2. Products with functions
  3. How to make money (Compensation Plan)


The Company

Norland Industrial group is a large scale transnational Industrial group which covers health, medical cosmetology, direct selling (MLM) and e- commerce and it is integrated with numerous businesses including health management, medical services, international logistics, production and finances.

The company has taken the lead in the health detoxification field by adhering to it vision of building a global ecosystem of health and detoxification so that all may benefits from health awareness.

Norland Industrial Group is mainly involved in consumer health and beauty products with health detoxification and cell regeneration as its core.

Four core Norland Objectives/Goals include;

  1. Building a century foundation
  2. Making millions of successful elites
  3. Shaping a century brand and
  4. Serving millions of families wholeheartedly.

Core Vision

Build a global health and detoxification ecosystem that benefits everyone from health awareness

Core Mission

Provide career and entrepreneurial opportunities for communities, improve the quality of life and health and spread the amazing qualities of Chinese Medicine and make it known around the world.

Corporate Values include morality, love, honesty and harmony

Getting started with Norland Industrial Group

There are six (6) entry levels, depending on the amount of money you have

  1. ENTRY MEMBER: (student package) 70PVs at N45,000
  2. SENIOR MEMBER: 140PVs at N87,000
  3. BRONZE: 260PVs at N167,000
  4. SILVER: 560PVs at N350,000
  5. Gold: 1120PVs at N700,000
  6. DIAMOND: 2240PVs at minimum of N1.3Million

However you have 60 days to upgrade to a higher status as our status determines our weekly earning percentages. Note: upgrade is optional. But know that the best package is SILVER and for a good start, choose Senior member as it is internationally recognised.

If you wish to start as an entry member, ensure that you upgrade to senior member within 60 days. To upgrade you will have to pay the difference between N87,000 and N45,000

Click here to read in details how to become a shareholder of this prestigious company.

Products and Functions

Norland has a range of products. Click here to see our products

How to make money in Norland (Compensation plan)

There are nine (9) ways to earn in Norland;

1) Fast Start Bonus

2) Free Product Voucher Bonus

3) Group performance Bonus (GPB)

4) Leadership Bonus

5) Maintenance Bonus

6) Repurchase Bonus

7) Benefit Bonus

8) Honorary Bonus

9) Retail Bonus


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