Norland Healthway Calcium Iron & Zinc Capsules




Norland Healthway Calcium Iron and Zinc Capsules is very helpful in anaemic condition and contains Vitamin D

Health Benefits of Norland Healthway Calcium Iron and Zinc Capsules

It adjust Metabolism, improve immune function of Organism, decompose Hazardous substances in human body, resist aging, resist oxidation.

Effective adjust body immunity

Strength body resistability

Nurture brain cells and improve life quality, which is a reliable choice for Numerous family.

Activate cell vitality and recover organism health.

Presence of vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium

Prevents bone loss and reduces the risk of osteoporosis

Building and keeping strong bones and strong teeth

Promotes recovery from bone injury

Zinc prevents cellular damage in the retina and so it treats vision defects

Good for quality Sperm Production (Zinc)

A bottle contains 60 capsules

Dosage : Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsules at night.



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