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Norland Calcium Powder


Norland Calcium Powder has 10 sachets x 10 g in container

All natural ingredients, contains biological enzymolysis bone calcium powder produced by biotechnology techniques and enzymes.

Rich in proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, higher bioavailability. One sachet (10g) of product contains more than 400 mg of enzymolysis bone calcium powder.

Calcium structure exists in the form of aminoacid and passes easily through the cell membrane in our intestine without causing any irritation.

The product contains 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus in accordance with international standards, high absorbability of 95%. Tiens Nutrient High Calcium Powder Benefits Natural, free of preservatives, and has a mild and pure taste.

Significant regulating effects on vital life functions. Improve bone density and added with GI vital, makes the work easy to work perfectly & efficiently,because GI vital regenerates& rejuvenates cells,so it makes what ever u are using it for works faster& better.

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Explore a range of Norland Products in Nigeria. You can order from any country and it will be delivered via DHL to your Doorstep

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