Neck Guard


Thermal belts are recommended for use by all age groups.



These unique thermal Fohow Neck belt, made with the help of nanotechnologies, are designed using a special material with finely minced, low-power magnets and over fifty minerals. Their placement follows acupuncture principles to stimulate points located along different meridians. Semi-precious minerals (mainly nephrite) and low power magnets are inserted into a layer of some special material and situated in a special way. Meteorite origin minerals are included because they are able to radiate infrared rays. This comprises the basis of the thermal belt.


Fohow Thermal Neck belt normalizes blood circulation in the neck area. Eases and eliminates pain in the neck, shoulder and arm areas.

Improves encephalon blood circulation. Eases and eliminates headaches, tiredness.

Regulates nervous system, helps to fall asleep. Rhinitis, haimoritis, pharyngitis, otitis, laryngitis, tracheids, ear nerve inflammation. Medium joints functional disorders: arthritis, arthritis, polyarthritis, bruises, strains, dislocations.


Thermal belts are recommended for use by all age groups.

There is no limit to the number of procedures, however, do remember – the best curative and preventive effects are achieved by regular sessions rather than by frequent ones.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages during and after the procedures due to possible negative consequences.

Moisten the working surface of the belt prior to usage by spraying it or by smoothing your palm dampened with water over it.

Then place the belt on a problematic area and affix the stickers on the belt.There is a sensation of a light, needle-like prickling and heat.

There are no burns, no redness and no rise in body temperature.

Recommended time of usage per session is 15-30 minutes. If the heat is too strong for you or if there is a burning sensation, the belt can be removed sooner for a shorter treatment.

Do not use the belt for over 5 hours per session.

Do not use the belt while sleeping.

Clean the biological working area of the belt with a soft damp cloth.

Do not use any detergent when washing it.

Do not dry it in direct sunlight Ingredients:





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