Molfix Diapers: Types, Sizes, Prices & Benefits

molfix diapers

In this post, we will discuss about some of different types and sizes of Molfix Diapers in Nigerian market. Diaper is one of the most necessary pieces in a baby’s wardrobe. Mothers really appreciate the vitality of diapers, but there are some they cannot do without, molfix diapers is one of them.

Molfix Diapers

Molfix diaper is one of the best brand in Nigeria you can not list out the top leading brand of diapers without mentioning molfix.

The producer of the leading brand (Molfix) is Hayat Kimya. He has promised to deliver quality products, even as it expresses trust in Nigeria’s economy, in the midst of the challenging economic environment.

Molfix Diapers are designed to give babies full protection and keep their skin dry and healthy around the clock.

Different Molfix Diapers Sizes and Types

Molfix Comfort Fix Diaper150
Molfix Comfort Fix Diaper240
Molfix Comfort Fix Diaper 268
Molfix Comfort Fix Diaper 296
Molfix Comfort Fix Diaper 3144
Molfix Comfort Fix Diaper480
Molfix Comfort Fix Diaper570
Molfix Jumbo Pack Diaper362
Molfix Jumbo Pack Diaper 4128
Molfix Jumbo Pack Diaper4168
Molfix Jumbo Pack Diaper 548
Molfix Diaper Pant360
Molfix Diaper Pant5

Features and Benefits of Molfix Diapers

Ensures Safety and Reliability: Molfix baby diapers allow your baby to move comfortably. It has an anti-leakage elastic barriers which prevent wetness from leaking out while ensuring unrestricted leg movements. There is no hypoallergenic, latex, paraben, and BPA.

Provide Long-Wearing Comfort: Molfix diapers feature a double absorbent area that absorbs the liquid immediately and helps keep skin dry. It has a wetness indicator that changes in color from yellow to blue it notify you that it is changing time.

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Molfix Diapers Price in Nigeria

Molfix Diapers are in different size and types. Though the different types varies in design, shapes and material but they perform the same functions. As they are different their prices are different as well.

Molfix diapers start from N1,000 – 9,000 naira depending on your location or the store you buy from in Nigeria. Visit Kindy Stores Mall to buy Molfix diapers at a very good price in Nigeria

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Molfix Diaper

Molfix has so many sizes and types of baby diapers. Therefore, there are somethings you need to note before buying a diaper for your baby.

  • Budget: The first thing to do is to check the price of the diaper before any other thing. The cost of the diaper is very important for parent to ruminate. There are different prices of molfix diapers. It is crucial for you to set your budget on what you are looking forward to spend.
  • Size: This is an important fact you need to consider when buying a diaper for your baby. It is important, mostly for safety and comfort. While checking the right size it is necessary to have some thought in mind including growth, price and cosines. When picking for a long term diaper, consider picking a bigger size since babies require big size as they grow.
  • Age: Knowing the age of a baby before buying a diaper makes it very easy and simple to know the pull-up that will suite the baby. Note that all babies do not progress the same way. As some may still be wearing diapers others of the same age bracket are in another growth level. It is most important for parents to take their baby’s growth rate into consideration when purchasing molfix diaper.