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Micromolecule Active Peptide Solid Beverage

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Micromolecule Active Peptide solid beverage can be easily absorbed by the intestinal tract.

It can directly enter the cell to perform its functions.

Functions of Micromolecule Active Peptide

The small molecule peptide has an important physiological function related to hormones, nerves, cell growth and reproduction of human body which can adjust the physiological functions of all systems and cells in the body. Maintains normal physiological activities of nervous digestion, reproduction, growth, exercise metabolism, circulation and other systems of the body

Effective in the prevention and treatment of thrombus, hyperlipidemia and hypertension, fatigue and improving immunity

(75g) 5g/bag x 15 sachets/pack

Ingredients: Soybean Peptide, fructo-oligose, wheat oligopeptide powder

How to use it: Drink with warm water or add into other beverage (milk, juice etc) for brewing and drinking.


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