Kardli Multi-Function Electrolytic water (300ml)



Kardli Multi-Function Electrolytic water

Multi-Function Electrolytic water is a kind of alkaline water produced by patented electrolysis.

Key Features

It features in high activeness, penetration and non-corrosion. The product is colourless and tasteless.

No foam will be produced when removing stains.

No need to wash of with huge amount of water after cleaning.

pH value stands above 13.0 constantly. Good light and thermal stability.

Pure water is the main material of the product without any surfactant; the product is highly safe and no poison. Which will not result in environmental pollution.


The product can be used to remove oil stains in the kitchen, kill the bacteria and acarid in the towels and covers, remove the strong smells of toilets and boots and clean your watches, ornaments and electronic devices.




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