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Jiuhejiu Mall E commerce

JIUHEJIU MALL is an E commerce platform that is tested and proven globally, people register and automatically starts earning Static Dividends every 1st of the month from JIUHEJIUMALL Global Sales 👌

You get paid into your account each month from your one time shopping of registration product package….by paying for one of the membership fees …. Note your earnings is proportional to the membership package you paid for …. *


You get paid by JIUHEJIU MALL every month without referral, networking, hawking of products, monthly auto-ship and target.

Also the company gives you their manufactured peptides (healthcare) products as a welcome pack for your membership registration payment

JIUHEJIUMALL business is quite amazing.. Imagine!!!

The organization offers a lot of options, you can own many registration accounts in your name and withdraw cash to your bank monthly *

You can register & make money without referral & you can also refer and make much more money daily and weekly through JIUHEJIU MALL Affiliate Referral program.




How do you earn with TJTM?

The company says that, come and join them by buying from any of their 5 stars product packages .

The company says that, if you buy any of the star product package, JIUHEJIU MALL will share 10% Sales money with you from their global international market on the Ecommerce platform/ Affiliate Registration Sales around the world and pay you every 1st day of the month until you will achieve the maximum amount of static dividends per your star registration package ..

How does the company pay you without referring any one?



It’s simple, the company says that join with any of our packages below then they will pay you profit every 1st of the month until you reach the cap.

The company set aside 10% of her global sales and share with All members depending on your membership package.

Here are the packages and the cap you will get.

1. Star1 member $100 = N40,000 you make twice of your investment $200=$80,000

2. Star2 member $300 = N120,000 you make 3times of your investment $900 ie N360,000

3. Star3 member $800 = N320,00 you make 4times of your investment =$3200 ie N1,280,000

4. Star4 member $1600 = N640,00 you make 5times of your investment =$8000 ie N3,200,000

5. Star5 member $3200= N1,280,000 you will make 6times of your investment =$19,200 ie N7,680,000



Each package has its points value as follows and these points are beneficial to those that wants to engage in the Affiliate Program,Referral or Network Marketing .

company packages.. point

🌟 1 Star .$100…#40,00… PV..80

🌟 2…$300…#120,000..PV..240


🌟 4…$1,600…#640,000..PV..1280

🌟 5…$3,200…#1,280,000..PV..2560


Jiuhejiu Mall Compensation Plan

1.)Direct referral 5% to 15%
2.)Indirect bonus -10% to 3%
3.)Binary Matching Bonus -10%
4.)Reward for Team-(CHECK MATCH BONUS {1st Generation 20%, 2nd Generation 10% & 3rd Generation 5%})

5)Reward for LEADERS -5% to 1% shares

6)Point cumulative bonus,Awards & incentives

From above packages you can join with any or open multiple account and starts to make money every daily without referring anyone and your payment when withdrawn goes directly to your local Bank account at 400 Naira per Dollar 👏🏻👏🏻

JIUHEJIU BIO TECH……EARN On the your Registration money till you earn up to six times of your registration money

Tianjiu Tianmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Whatsapp or call: 09079508492


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