Highlife International Vs Chymall

Highlife International Vs Chymall explained

1. The difference is the Highlife International dollar exchange rate is N450 while Chymall is N380

2. Highlife gives daily profit from $0.1 to $6 depending on the package everyday and it doesn’t depend on referrals whereas Chymall gives you 3% of the trading profit of anyone you directly sponsor. In Highlife you need to become a Pro-Master to get the 3% on those you directly sponsor.

3. Highlife International pays every 5days while Chymall pay every 10days.

4. Highlife ROI monthly is 18% while Chymall is 15%.

5. Chymall gives 20% referral bonus and this is 20% of the registration fee only, whereas Highlife International gives 10% referral bonus and this is 10% of the total amount of money for each package. N/B: During Promo, referral bonus in Highlife can be as high as 25% to 30%.

7. Hiighlife incentives and awards are mind blowing( From #4,500,000 and 45,000,000 cars) whereas Chymall cars are 3,800,000 and 38,000,000 respectively. Note that Highlife has additional 3 cars award in their matrix structure.

8. Both have matching bonuses and indirect referral bonuses too.

9. There is level incentives and bonuses in Highlife where Chymall has no level bonuses

10. Both have products at the point of registration

11. Chymall is a Malaysian company whereas Highlife is a USA company

12. Both companies are 100% legit

Choose with wisely!

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