Greenleaf MLM Company Nigeria Compensation Plan

Greenleaf MLM Company Nigeria Compensation Plan

Thinking of joining Greenleaf MLM Company in Nigeria and you are wondering what Greenleaf MLM Company Nigeria compensation plan might be? You have come to the right place. We want to assure you that you are not in this alone. At the end of this article, you will discover the benefits of signing up as a Greenleaf Distributor.

It may interest you to know also that Greenleaf has redefined the true meaning of Network marketing such that you benefit from every activity that you or the person you register does.

Key Features of Greenleaf MLM Company

  • Payment is on daily basis
  • Binary system of Network
  • Greenleaf Products are daily consumables
  • One entry level for everybody, no upgrades required
  • You are free to choose your products
  • No compulsory monthly purchases; no targets
  • Points are accumulated for your incentives; no flushing of points


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Greenleaf MLM Company Nigeria Compensation Plan


Here are the 8 ways to make money in Greenleaf Nigeria

  1. Return of Investment Bonus
  2. Group Bonus
  3. Sales Bonus
  4. Vouchers Bonus
  5. Retail Bonus
  6. Leadership Bonus
  7. Welfare Bonus
  8. Star Director Incentives

Now, let me explain this one by one for a better understanding


  1. Return on Investment

In this bonus, the company will return all the money you used to sign up in the company. Meaning that you will get your initial capital back. So, for every new person that registers in your team, you earn $1.5 until your initial investment is back in your pocket.

For example, let’s say the registration amount is $350. So, you earn $1.5 on all new members who register until you earn back your investment of $350.

Note: This Bonus will cease after you have earned your initial investment back. It is calculated daily. So, $1.5 is multiplied by the number of new people who join your team daily.


  1. Group Bonus

This Bonus is calculated daily on group volume. Every new registration of $350 (N130,000)=275pv. 275pv=1 unit. 1 unit (meaning one registration) = $22. To earn the group bonus, the total number of registrations made daily on your smaller is multiplied by $22.

For example, if your smaller leg makes 20 registrations in a day, that 20 will be multiplied by $22, and your earnings for that day will be calculated as 20 x $22 =$440

Note: The maximum daily earnings for the group bonus is $529. So, you can earn maximum of $529 daily, $3,703 weekly and $7,406 monthly. So to earn the $529 daily income, you or your team members must register at least 24 people on your lesser leg for that day.


  1. Sales Bonus

This Bonus is calculated daily, based on placement tree. For every 2 new members that joins your team in every layer/generation, one on the right and one on the left, you earn $88. This Bonus calculated daily, and up to infinity based on the number of new people that join your left and right leg everyday. So, this Bonus is unlimited on how much you can earn daily.



  1. Voucher Bonus

In voucher bonus, you get N560,000 worth of free voucher once you sign up in the company. The voucher enables you to buy something at a cheaper rate from the company.


  1. Retail Bonus

This Bonus is calculated monthly, and also based on placement tree in your organization. It is calculated up to 40 layers in your organization. You earn 30% for every member that makes his retail order in your organization up to the 40th generation. You need to make $15 monthly retail order in order to earn this retail Bonus.


  1. Leadership Bonus

Leadership Bonus = New Global Purchase volumes multiplied by 3%, multiplied by Bonus percentage based on your rank, divided by the number of qualified people.

Leadership Bonus is paid monthly

Unlimited payout

You are never demoted in rank.


How to Earn from Leadership Bonus

With Greenleaf Compensation Plan, the game totally changes when you start earning Leadership Bonus. The moment you start earning Leadership Bonus, you can decide to buy any car of your choice from the earnings you’re making, without even thinking of/ or depending on car promo from the company.


To earn Leadership Bonus, a distributor needs to qualify as Manager (the first rank in GREENLEAF). The moment you get to Manager rank, everything changes.


The following are the Ranks in Greenleaf.











As a MANAGER, you earn 30% Leadership bonus percentage.

You also earn from the global purchase volume PV ($) of all countries put together every month.



New global PV ($) for the month, multiplied by 3%, multiplied by your bonus percentage for manger rank (30%), divided by the total number of people who have qualified for Manager rank globally.


When you qualify as Senior Manager, you earn 20% Leadership bonus percentage for Senior Manager rank, plus 30% bonus percentage for Manager rank.

This is the calculation for Senior Manager Rank is,


New Global PV ($), multiplied by 3%, multiplied by Bonus percentage for Senior Manager rank (20%), plus Bonus percentage for Manager rank (30%), divided by the total number of people who have qualified for Senior Manager rank globally.


As a Director, you earn 20% for Director Rank, + 20% for Senior Director Rank, + 30% for Manager Rank.

DIRECTOR RANK also follows the same calculations like the calculations above for Senior Manager.


WHEN YOU QUALIFY as SENIOR DIRECTOR, you enjoy LEADERSHIP BONUS of a Senior Director 15%, + Rank Bonus of a Director 20%, + Rank Bonus of Senior Manager 20%, + Rank Bonus of a Manager 20%.

The calculations for Senior Director is just like the calculations above.




So as a STAR DIRECTOR, you earn Leadership Bonus percentage for Star Director Rank 15%, + Rank Bonus of 15% for Senior Director rank, + Rank Bonus of 20% for Director Rank, + Rank Bonus of 20% for Senior Manager rank, + Rank Bonus of 30% for Manager Rank. (ALL PUT TOGETHER)



  1. Welfare Incentive/Bonus

Welfare Bonus has to do with money that you earn monthly for Travel, Car, or House, depending on your rank.


As a Manager, you earn 1% monthly as Travel Incentive


For DIRECTOR and above, you earn 1% for Travel, 0.5% for Car, 0.5% for House (Total = 2%)


This is how the calculation is done

New Global Sales PV ($), multiplied by 2%, multiplied by Incentive percentage depending on your rank, multiplied by your personal monthly income, divided by the income of the total number of people who have qualified, multiplied by 100.



  1. Star Director Incentive

The following are the incentive percentage for Star Directors.

1Star Director – 25%

2Star Director – 25%

3Star Director – 25%

4Star Director – 15%

5Star Director – 10%


THIS is HOW STAR DIRECTOR Incentive is calculated.

New Global Sales PV ($), multiplied by 1%, multiplied by Bonus percentage depending on your rank as a Star Director, multiplied by your personal monthly income, divided by the total income of qualified members, multiplied by 100.


It is mandatory for every Greenleaf member to do minimum 30 PV retail order every year to maintain their membership.


With GREENLEAF COMPENSATION PLAN, the real work is from the DISTRIBUTOR RANK to MANAGER RANK. From Manager rank, you begin to enjoy from Global Sales volume ($) every month. That is where the real deal starts from.


From the beginning it seems hard, but the moment you get there everything changes.





Qualify after 30 days of joining and your smaller leg should generate purchase volume of 5,700 or 21 registered members in your smaller leg .



Enjoy 3.5% for every new registration

Enjoy 5% on online retail order through your center.


It is required that you own a shop




*Accumulate 25,600 in your organization to qualify.




5% + 1.5% on every new registration done through your franchise shop

10% on online retail orders through your shop



You can qualify for free cars, incentive trips and house bonuses by growing your team over time. ALL POINTS DON’T FLASH AND ARE ACCUMULATED TOWARDS THIS INCENTIVES

Join Greenleaf Biotech NOW and start enjoying the benefits

Contact; 08153700971

Or join our Whatsapp group chat Greenleaf Biotech Group here

You can join Greenleaf at any location in Nigeria. Our team is very vibrant and we have a very strong support group and a working plan for everyone to succeed in our team. We have team members in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Calabar and Akwa Ibom.

Welcome on Board to Greenleaf Biotech Nigeria!!





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