Fohow Meigui (Oligose)


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Fohow Meigui (Oligose) are able to directly remove the dangerous bacteria and viruses from the organism. In the intestine molecules of oligosaccharides attach to the membrane proteins of the microbe, hold the microbes and do not let them get outside the walls of the intestine. Active use of fruit paste “Meigui” in case of dysbacteriosis (dysbiosis), there will be increase in the amount of intestinal micro flora, human digestive tract will be stabilized and strengthened, digestible juice secretion adjusted, digestion promoted, diarrhea relieved.

Ingredients: rose blossom extract, oligosaccharides, stachiosis, etc. No sugar.
Packaging contains a tube of 120 g.
Expiration date: 18 months from the production date.
Storing conditions: in a dry and cool place.





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