Fohow Bio-induction Thermal Kneepad for Arthritis

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Fohow has adopted nanotechnology and condensed energetic substances from varieties of gemstones and ores, using medical and bioenergetics principles and compose them efficiently to form energy dot matrix.

With the human body temperature as the activator and through the function of the transferring catalyst, it can emit greatly combined polymer energy consisting of negative iron and magnetic energy, permeating human skin and producing deep biological effect on human cells, and thus it can prevent diseases and protect health and heal patients suffering from chronic arthritis and fatigue.

Benefits of Fohow Kneepad

(1) Improves microcirculation of the blood in your knees, keep it warm and eliminate cases severe arthritis. It’s 100% guaranteed for removing any form of arthritis.

(2) Activate your blood cells and melt the blood clot, cure swollen joints, promote the recovery of damaged joint tissues.

(3) Dispel rheumatism, have obvious improving effect on rheumatoid arthritis, hydrarthrosis and varicose veins.

(4) Increase the flexibility of your knee joints, prevent knee injury, bony spur and hyperosteogeny.





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