FES One E-Commerce: The newest E-commerce mlm

Fes one E-commerce

FES One E-commerce is the newest E-commerce mlm business opportunity from FES International Trading Group, a company founded in 2015. FES headquarters is  in Thailand Chiang Mai, Chiangmai is a city in northern Thailand with a beautiful environment and a cool climate.

The company manufactures and exports quantum jewelries. They are a full time industry and what separates the company from other companies is that the company is running a new business model known as “New retail concept”.

This new retail concept is used to describe the blending of online and offline platforms proposed by chinese guru.

In order to move with this trend of online business, FES one International launched  their E-commerce platform known as FES MALL in October, 2020, with her African Head Office Situated in Ghana.

But members’ registration started in December 2020 in Nigeria. Meaning the business is 4 months old in Nigeria.

Fes one E-commerce business is similar to online shopping mall like kikuu, Alibaba, Jumia etc except that you not need to sell anything before you make money.

You only buy products and company sells for you and gives you little commission( your profit) together with your capital after 10days.

You can either trade again or remove both your profit and your capital if you don’t want to do the business at any time.

FES one E-commerce don’t lock up your fund. Your profit and capital drop after the expiration of your 10 days trade.

On your first trade, the company gives you products depending on the package you register. Then subsequently, the company sells products and gives you profit every 10 days.



Choose any of the packages below, then whatsapp the Admin on 09079508492 to make payment.

Once you make payment, send the following information to the Admin to help process your registration;




Phone Number:

How to Register in FES one E-commerce

FES International Packages: VIP 1 Total Pack cost = $126 (N63,000)

Activation fee $45 (N22,500)
Auction Amt. $81 (N40,500)
Take home profit
Every 10 days = $6. (N3,037)
Every Month = $18..(N9,112)
Plus Jewerry: =$45 (22,500)
Plus capital =$81 (40,500)

VIP 2 Total Pack cost: $252 (N126,000)

Activation fee =$90 (45,000)
Auction Amt = $162 (81,000)
Take home profit
Every 10 days = $12.(N6,250)
Every Month= $37.(N18,750)
Plus Jewerry =$90 (N45,000)
Plus Capital =$162 (81,000)

VIP 3 Total Pack cost: $784 (N392,000)

Activation fee = $280 (140,000)
Auction Amt = $504 (N252,000)
Take home profit
Every 10 days =$37. (N18,900)
Every Month = $113.(N56,700)
Plus Jewelry = $280 (#140,000)
Plus capital = $504 (N252,000)

VIP 4 Total Pack cost: $1,624 (N812,000)

Activation fee = $580 (290,000)
Auction Amt = $1,044 (N522,000)
Take home profit
Every 10 days =$78.3 (N39,150)
Every Month = $234.9.(N117,450)
Plus Jewerry = $580 (#290,000)
Plus capital = $1,044 (N522,000)

VIP 5,6,7 To be launched soon

FES One E-commerce Products

FES Jewelry

Jade Pendant

FES one Product


Fes one product

Jade Rings

Note: When you register with FES international, the company will give you product based on your package. Fes one international Trading group is into the production of Jade Jewelries.

FES International E commerce Compensation Plan

Referral Bonus: You get 20% Referral bonus for every person you directly sponsor or refer into the business

Matching Bonus: 12% Matching bonus (weaker leg in binary)

Trading Profit of Downline Bonus: 3% Trading bonus from all your direct SPONSORS and 2% on your 2nd generation

Earn From Your Downlines: To qualify for this, you have to sponsor 3 or more people Directly. Then you will earn 50% of Matching Bonus of all Direct sponsors.

Additionally, if you refer or sponsor 6 people or more Directly and earn 20% matching bonus of all your second generation

Earn From Your Upline: Refer 3 people or more Directly and earn 20% of matching bonuse of all Direct sponsors of your upline. Also, if you refer 6 or more people, you will earn from your upline’s upline.

If your Matching Bonus is equal to the amount of your package, the 50% you earn from the matching of your Direct downline when u refer Minimum of 8 people increases to 75%

To register in Fes International E-commerce and start earning every 10 days, whatsapp 09079508492 of click here to chat the Admin.