Things to Consider before Starting an Event Planning Business

Event Planning Business

Event Planning Business and more! Event planning has to do with all set ups that makes up an event based on the purpose of that event.  It entails the outstanding features of that event, those things that will make the event attractive and influential. It also comprises of what will draw the attention of the audience as well as providing comfort.

Event planning business remains one of the profitable businesses in recent times. Event planning is not a business that you start up and you are found wanting.

Therefore, this area of business requires various skills and experiences in order to deliver a satisfactory and good looking job.

If you want to make event planning as a business choice in Nigeria, don’t deliberate on it. Have it in mind that day by day various forms of occasions and ceremonies are taking place and the organizers of this events have quest for a colourful and stunning event. With this thought, they will ask for an event planner that will make their event presentable.

However, event planning business is very broad, the activities involved is no means to think of doing it yourself no matter what.

Moreover, this article will reveal to you the complete aspect of event planning without leaving any area untouched.

What do you need to Become a good and Successful Event Planner?


Event planning just like other artistic jobs involves high degree of planning skills, event planning skills requires you to know how to put various characters in play to give an event a colourful and appealing outlook.

The primary skill required in event planning is creativity. In search of this skills you go on a training program that will educate you and germinate the skill in you. You need good designing skills, talking skills, welcoming skills, etc.

Event planning involves implementing your creative skills on various kind of social events and engaging people who are highly skilled in creative thinking to work in collaboration with you in your career to make it successful.

Draft out a suitable Business Plan:

After you have discovered your creative skills and how you can apply it in giving any kind of event a colourful picture, the next thing to do it to develop that business mindset in you by developing a business plan.

Developing a business plan in event planning will guide you while making decisions. It will help you to put every strategy in place to achieve your target and to collaborate with investors and customers which will help to keep your business running. Read the business plan needed in event planning business below.

Your Event Planning Business Plan should include;

Capital Plan

The primary factor of every business is capital. You must put down a detail description of all you need to start up this business. Bear in mind that the capital amount required in event planning business tends to look big.  But putting all strategies in place you will find ways to get your capital, start up your business and double up your capital within a couple of months. You can start up a successful event planning business comfortably with N500,000. You can raise your capital by lending, loans, grants etc.

Management Plan

Management is another important factor you have to consider as an event planner. Your management plan should guide you on how to put all resources to make your business up and doing. It should help you to know the type of people you employ to assist you in the business because anybody that is not up and doing can make your business crumple. It should help you on how to charge customers and how to make payment to your staffs and also make you to recover your profit.

Mobility Plan

Event planning business in Nigeria involves mobility on the highest side. It is one of the primary factor to consider as an event planner. You have to provide a guide on how to move your materials and equipment to the event venue on time and making yourself and your service available to your clients on time. You must plan the type of vehicle you will use to transport your equipment and ways of maintaining it.


Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan in your event planning business should guide you on how to reach out to customers, clients, advertisers, promoters that will help people to know about your event planning business.

Inventory Plan

Your inventory plan should guide you on the equipment, materials, facilities, instruments that you have to buy to start up your event planning business.

Competitive Analysis Plan

Competitive analysis event planning guide should help you to consider your colleagues in the same field, what do they do to excel, what is the nature of their business, what is their strength and weaknesses in the business? This will help you to pull up and sort out ways to improve on your event planning business and introduce unique ideas and methods.

Execution of your Services

The mode of executing your event planning business should be your sole aim. Your strategies on how to execute your services will help you consider what you will do for customers’ satisfaction and to provide your services up to your clients’ expectation. It should guide you on how you will succeed in event planning business.


Other key business plans you should consider in your event planning business include;

 A legalized company overview that will include a full profile of your business beginning from the business name, location, services, date of start-up and government approval as well as Cooporate Affairs Commission (CAC) permission.


You should also have a guide on customers’ analysis. This will guide you find out what the people want, what type of planning they should give to their events to make it colourful and influential no matter the cost. Your customer analysis can be done by questionnaires, surveys, etc.

Networking: After you have gotten a suitable business plan, ensure to abide by each plan that you have put down and follow it properly. You need a ring of networks to make your event planning business functional. The type of people you should create your ring of network include caterers, technical suppliers, technical experts, marketers, decorators, make-up artists etc.


Good Customer care Qualities: As an event planner you have to possess good customer care qualities that will make people to enjoy working with you.


Qualities of an event planner includes

  • Good communication skills
  • Uniformity– create a form of polo or uniform that carries your business profile
  • Efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Always be fun and welcoming
  • Always be considerate with your customers.


Events to plan about as an Event Planner

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Traditional marriages
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Inauguration ceremony
  • Graduation
  • Parties of all kinds.

Area of Planning

This is the last thing in this article that you need to start an event planning business in Nigeria. Your area of planning involves the services that you will render as an event planner. Below are the services offered by event planners.


Activities in Event Planning Business

Renting of canopies and chairs- inventories here are canopies and chairs

Also, renting of musical instruments- inventories here includes a set of band, guitar, piano, trumpet, amplifiers, microphones, mixers, speakers, generator set.

Renting of kitchen utensils- inventories includes plates, spoons, coolers, pots, drums etc.

Bridals wears and uniforms renting- inventories includes wedding gowns, graduation gowns, polos etc

DJ services- inventories includes laptop some inventories under musical instrument.

MC services- a good public speaker as well as a clown and show boys

Photography services

Dancers- good traditional and modern dancers that can surprise the public

Ushering work-polite people that have manners and good welcoming attitude

Decoration and lighting- inventories includes- linen of all kinds of colours, water light, thumb tacks, office pins, couple chairs and hut for traditional marriages and wedding receptions.

Other inventories you need in event planning include a vehicle for mobility. A bus is mostly used in this business but you can also purchase a vehicle like HILUX or any vehicle of that kind

 If you have enough capital, you can include all these activities in your event planning business or you can choose specific areas if you have limited capital.


How to advertise Event Planning Business

Always take a photo of your work at every event and display it on magazines, newspapers, social mediums and let your posts carry your business name, location and your business phone number.

You can also make it part of the event such that either the projector used or the MCs will announce that the decoration used is made by this type of event planners

Make use of polos that carries your business identity with phone numbers written in a clear and sharp fonts

If the event is being displayed live in the media ensure that the run down on screens should include your business adverts.

Always be of good courage to your clients such that they will make you their number one event planner and also tend to refer others to you.

Drop a copy of your fliers at catering shops, tailoring shops, salons, make up shops, schools managers, directors of socials in various public organizations.

In Akwa Ibom State, you can partner with the bridge tv show, thrilz n glamour, sosongo Akwa Ibom to advertise your event planning business on the television.

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