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Alliance In Motion Global Vida MaxxresVida® 100 mg + fruitflow® 150 mg

Key features
  • Sustain normal blood circulation
  • Helps to maintain platelet function and cardiovascular
  • Fruitflow® is proven to help healthy bloodflow
  • resVida®is a nature-identical form of resveratrol
  • resVida®has undergone 10 years of development and testing
Product Line:Linkmartz
Weight (kg):0.4

Longrich Energy Shoe | Longrich A Plus Energy Shoes

Longrich A PLUS ENERGY SHOES is also known as the FIRST HUMAN POWER BANK. The foot is to us what

Norland Energy Bracelet

Norland Energy Bracelet is Suitable for those who; -work at the desk for a long time, have poor blood circulation and get soreness, pain and numbness in lumber vertebra and cervical vertebra, -suffer high blood pressure, hyperlipidaemia and high glucose, -suffer soreness and pain in muscle.

Health Benefits of Norland Energy Bracelet

  • Improves blood circulation which speeds up the removal of toxins and metabolic wastes from the body
  • Reduces Inflammation, swelling and also preserves the cartilage in the joints
  • Relieves joint and muscle pain
  • Promotes Quality Sleep by improving the body's melatonin production
  • Reduces Water Retention
  • Improves Physical and Sexual Performance
  • Slows down aging
  • Quite effective in protecting your body from invisible radiations being emitted from cell phones and other devices. Even if some damage has been done by the exposure to radiation, this bracelet helps in healing it.

Electronic Pulse Massager

It bases on a long-term clinical practice in combination with modern electronic technology.

Knee Belt

Their placement follows acupuncture principles to stimulate points located along different meridians.

Neck Guard

Thermal belts are recommended for use by all age groups.

Fohow Waist Belt

This belt has two working surfaces (on the front and on the back)