EDMARK Shake Off Phyto Fiber Cleansing Healthy Drink


Key features
  • Fast, effective and affordable way to eliminate congested waste matter.
  • Prevents coprostasis and colon cancer
  • Reduces excess weight and lowers bad cholesterol
  • Promotes better complexion and has an anti-aging effect
  • Promotes growth of good bacteria to reduce constipation problems
  • Made from all organic ingredients with no side effects
  • Convenient to carry around, easy to prepare and tastes great
  • Relaxes the body in an amazing way, by relieving the toxins and excessive fat trapped in the body.
  • Acts like a sponge that absorbs cholesterol and fat, thereby can be used as slimming aid


EDMARK Shake Off Phyto Fiber Cleansing Healthy Drink
The question is how healthy are you? Medical studies have shown that our health is closely related to the state of our intestines. Hence, the maintenance of a clean, healthy colon is key to avoiding well over 90% of sicknesses and diseases common to mankind today, in order to maintain good health and promote longevity.
Edmark Shake Off Phyto Fiber is “a superior colon cleansing health drink made from all natural ingredients that sweeps and flushes out all the toxins from our colons, leaving it clean and healthy”. It is a very fast, effective and convenient way of eliminating congested waste matter from the body thereby preventing constipation and colon cancer.
So fast that you will see results in just eight hoursThe product is manufactured under International Standard of  GMP, HACCP & ISO 22000:2005 and certified with
NAFDAC NO: A1-4194. It comes package in a single box containing 12 sachets each weighing 20g.
With our tendency to overeat especially during festive seasons, our health is often compromised. Undigested food turns into waste matter which, if not expelled, could lead to health problems. When we continually consume unhealthy foods, waste matter accumulates and adheres to the intestinal walls and will interfere with the absorption of nutrients by our body.Everyone has residual faeces left in the intestines even with regular bowel movements. Hence, there is need to regularly cleanse our intestines(colon) from time to time. After taking Shake off Phyto Fiber, you will be surprised to see how much waste have accumulated and adhering to the colon.
You could never go wrong with EDMARK SHAKE OFF PHYTO FIBER. That is why it is the choice of health conscious people worldwide.
Instant Oats, Fructose, Inulin, Psyllum Husk, Roselle Powder, Plant Fiber, Garcinia Cambogia, flavouring (padan powder). Also It contains traces of cereal. Each 20g sachet  is composed of 76Kcal Energy, 17.0g Carbohydrate, 1.5g Protein and Total Fat of 0.25g
AS A FIRST TIME USER, USE FOR 7 DAYS PREFERABLY BEFORE BEDTIME, THEN EVERY OTHER TWO DAYS.Pour  content of shake off phyto fiber into a shaker, fill with 350ml of clean water at room temperature. Cover and shake content briskly until it is well dissolved and drink immediately. Do not exceed 20sec in both preparation and drinking. For a more effective result ensure to drink more water about 200ml again to help push down the fiber.
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