Checkers Custard: Benefits, Types & Prices

Checkers Custard: Benefits, Types & Prices

Checkers Custard is a premium quality custard powder made from corn starch. We look at It’s ingredients, types, their nutritional benefits and it various sizes.

Checkers Custard Company

It is produced and packaged by Sun Surya Enterprises Limited. It has three (3) satisfying flavours. It is made in different sizes and packaging that worth the amount sold in the market.

The brand is produced under the most stringent and controlled processes to provide the best quality products that give instant relief to hunger and enrich one’s well being.

Checkers is one of the best custards in Nigeria and it is known as a Trusted Name for Quality.

Benefits of Checkers Custard to the Body

Milk as the number one ingredient of checkers custard, is a good source of protein and contains calcium, which is good for bone health.

The custard is also a treat food because it can give you extra energy, fat and sugar. All it products contain about 10 per cent of your daily calcium requirements.

Checkers Custard: Benefits, Types & Prices
Types and Different Packaging of Checkers Custard

Is Checkers Custard Good for Babies?

Checkers custard is definitely a lovely dessert to complete a meal, especially for older babies who can comfortably eat and digest solid foods.

You can start feeding your baby with checkers custard vanilla or banana flavours fortified with infant formula or soybean powder for a great crreamy solid food start when he/she is six month and above.

Pediatricians recommend that babies begin solid food from six (6) months and above. As the baby grows, he/she can easily digest all the foods you feed him.

Then, you could go for different types of checkers custard as dessert for your baby after each meal.

Below are the prices and types of checkers you can buy for your little ones and adult.

Checkers Custard Price in Nigeria

The checkers custard is packaged in different size of containers and sealed nylon. Therefore, their prices are different. It ranges from #3,500 – #8,000 depending on the online grocery store or supermarket where you buy it.


Types of Checkers Custard

Vanilla Flavour

This custard is 100% vegetarian, it has no egg content and is less fattening than those with egg content, it also contain wheat base ingredients.

It is very good for people who are allergic to some certain food. It also give a very unique taste and it is rich in vitamins and minerals for proper growth and development.

Checkers Custard Vanilla flavour can be enjoy with fruits, nut, milk and sugar. Best use with truffles, cake or pastries.

Checkers is package in different container sizes and refill packs of 12kg, 1.5kg, 1kg, 2kg, 400g, 60g and 20g.

Checkers Milk Custard (3in1)

It is deliciously produced into ready to eat and wholesome custard blend that provides instant relief from hunger.

It is very delicious and mouthwatering and is great for breakfast and just perfect with all the embedded nutritional benefits good for your body.

It is rich in Vitamins and Minerals for proper Growth and development. This 3in1 has a silky smooth and delicious flavor which makes it simply irresistible. It is very good for both adult and children.

Banana Flavour

It is a ready to eat custard with amazing banana flavour. This non-resistance checkers custard can be prepared in so many ways, you can have it as a meal with akara, make it into a snack i.e. cake or into a dessert like ice cream.

Starting a day with Checkers Custard is a sure way to have a brighter and a happy day.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size100g
Amount per Serving
Calories 57Calories from fat 59
Daily Value Percentage %
Total Fat 6.5g10%
Sodium 74mg3%
Total Carbohydrate34g 11%
Protein 7.7g

Source of Calories

  • Protein 14%
  • Carbohydrate 60%
  • Fat 26%