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STC30 Superlife: Plant Stem Cell Therapy

stc30 is a plant stem cell product that manages and treats over 134 diseases

Features of stc3o

A pack contains 15 sachets, comes in 1500 mg.

Superlife Immune Care


Superlife Immune Care BenefitsĀ 

  • Promotes weight lossĀ 
  • Boosts red blood cells production
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce blood sugar level
  • Boosts blood count

Superlife Double Root Coffee

Superlife Double Root coffee for MEN Description : ✅ Helps Boost Fertility ✅ Increase libido level ✅ Strenghtens Male verility


A pack of stc30 is 30,500 2 pack is 55,000

Superlife Neuron Care

32,000.00 31,000.00

Superlife Neuron Care BenefitsĀ 

Superlife Neuron Care helps the brain Prevent brain inflammations and tumors Recommended for those who have memory lost Spark up general sensory organs of the body Repairs eyes defects/vision impairment Very effective in the area of eye sights (glacoma/cataract) Can correct stroke and it's related issues

Superlife STC30 Stem Cell

Superlife stc30 tackles dangerous diseases of humans such as cancers of all types, stroke, arthritis, brain damage, diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, fatty liver and over 130 other illnesses and diseases.

SCC15 Superlife: Now SCC+

47,000.00 45,000.00

Superlife SCC15 Benefits

Numerous benefits that come with scc15 include; Superlife scc15 benefits

Weight management

Helps prevents Colon Cancer

Cleanses and Detoxification of Colon

Strengthening of Colon lining keeping it Healthy

Balances Colon digestive system