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Green Tea Fresh Toothpaste

Green Tea Fresh Toothpaste conains green tea formula & peppermint flavor that keeps mouth fresh for a long time. Various

Smacin Hand Sanitizer

Smacin Hand Sanitizer is a wash-free hand sanitizer. With Smacin’s wash free Hand sanitizer, you do not need to wash

Smacin Bathing Shampooing Facial Cleansing

Smacin Bathing Shampooing Facial Cleansing 3 in 1 function Tender on skin, smoothens the face and body You can also

Smacin Composite Oligopeptide Prebiotics

Smacin Composite Oligopeptide Prebiotics Function include the following; Has anti cancer, anti inflammatory properties. Fights leukaemia and blocks inflammations that

Smacin Sanitary Napkin

Smacin Sanitary Napkin contains anion green strip that acts as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Better absorption, relieves stress, eliminates odour. Relieves

Smacin Panty Liner

Smacin Panty Liner promotes health, eliminates odour and promotes metabolism. Other benefits include; anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, enhances immunity and relieves stress.

Smacin Air Fryer


Smacin Global Air Fryer Benefits

  • Fries all fryable without necessary adding oil, it delivers perfect end taste
  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce cholesterol accumulation
  • Massive cut down of oil used in frying
  • Reduce risk of Cardiovascular disease

White Kidney Bean Dietary Fiber


White Kidney Bean Extract Benefits - Top 6 Benefits 

1. It maintains a healthy weight 2. Reduce cravings for food Enhances metabolism to enable faster digestions of food 3. Contains enzymes that help to break down stubborn fat and oil in the system 4. Helps in cases of obesity by Gradually Shedding off fats 5. Keeps the system healthy 6. Beautifies the skin.

Smacin ANTI Mosquito Bracelet


5 Facts About Smacin ANTI Mosquito Bracelet

It does not contain DEET. It can be used by pregnant women and children The diving cloth is made of high-quality silica gel, which can prevent mosquito bites in case of water Wrist and ankle can be worn, if worn together, the effect will be better The product is adjustable to better fit your wrist Offers 24-hour protection

Smacin Kangaroo Essence


Kangaroo Essence Benefits 

Improves Sexual function: stamina, strength, energy and Increases Libido Improves Renal Fatigue and improves kidney functions: keeping it healthy, Replenishes the marrow, Improves physical fatigue, and Balances hormones. Enhances male hormones secretion: oxytocin and testosterone, Takes care of soreness of waist and knees, thereby restoring male strength, Improves the secretion level of adrenocortical hormones, thereby ensuring homeostasis Improves physiological functions: strengthens microvessels, consequently preventing the aging of cells

Compound Broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder

Compound Broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder boost immune system, has anti-cancer properties, fight fatigue and depression, blood sugar control, treat