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Endocrine Balance Tea

Endocrine Balance Tea resolves infertility issues and it's suitable for people with hormonal imbalances. Relieves stress, treats irregular menstruation, etc

Bioaqua Pure White Toothpaste

Bioaqua Pure White Toothpaste whitens the teeth and removes offensive mouth odour. Freshens breath, removes bad breath, removes tooth plaque,

Female Yoni Detox Pearl


Health Benefits of Female Yoni Detox Pearl

  • Treatment of gynaecological diseases and vaginal infections
  • It is also used for the treatment of cervical erosion
  • For Vaginitis, cervicitis etc
  • Cleanses the female vaginal and keeps it free from bacterial infections
  • Shrinks fibroid effectively

Herbal Hypertension Tea

Herbal Hypertension Tea helps in reducing blood cholesterol. Each tea pack of Herbal Hypertension Tea contains 16 tea bags that weighs 3 g each. Net weight equals 48g

Male Sexual Vitality Tea

Male Sexual Vitality tea is a special Chinese tea that increases sexual libido in men. It increases stamina and strength

Anion Sanitary Pad

BCM Anion Sanitary Pad absorbs heavy flow, prevents and treats infection, and also relieves menstrual pains and expels body odour.