2 Best Charcoal Stove in Nigeria and Prices

2 Best Charcoal Stove in Nigeria and Prices

Why do you need Charcoal Stove for cooking?

With the high prices of gas cookers and gas itself in Nigeria, many people have considered using charcoal Stove as an alternative to cook their meals. Perhaps because, it’s cheaper and highly economical.

These types of stoves have been there for a very long time now but people are just beginning to know about them just recently because of the demand. And also to cut down on gas consumption which is very costly.

Before buying charcoal Stove, you need the know the prices and the quality of the products, you even have to consider the durability as well.In this post, I’m going to show you the different types of charcoal Stove in Nigeria with their prices and where you can buy them.

What is Charcoal?

Charcoal is a black matter obtained from burning firewood in large quantities. The good thing is that you can preserve charcoal for a later use. Charcoal is also used in cleaning the teeth, simply grind the charcoal and use it to brush.

Charcoal Stove Price in Nigeria

Like I said earlier, there are many charcoal stoves in Nigeria that you can use to cook, but you need something both affordable and reliable. So let’s look at the available ones and their prices

1. Evironfit Charcoal Stove in Nigeria

Environfit has different types of charcoal cooking stoves, let me display the pictures, features and prices below.

2 Best Charcoal Stove in Nigeria and Prices
A. Super Saver Premium Charcoal Stove: Price: 38,000 naira – 45,000 naira

Supersaver Premium Charcoal stove is the most powerful and fastest boiling stove on the market. It’s durable and light. With this stove, you can cook meals like rice, ugali, banku just under 20 minutes. The features of the Supersaver premium stove is displayed on the picture above.

2. JikoKoa Charcoal Stove

2 Best Charcoal Stove in Nigeria and Prices

This Jikokoa charcoal stove is made from East Africa that reduces fuel consumption by more than 50% and reduces harmful emissions by more than 60% compared to traditional cooking methods.

It is manufactured by Burn Manufacturing Co., a social venture company that produces over 20,000 Jikokoa’s monthly at their factory near Nairobi, Kenya.

So far, over 450,000 Jikokoa stoves have been produced and sold to date, saving families up to $200 per year in fuel costs.

The price of jikokoa charcoal Stove in Nigeria is about 34,000 naira and above. And you can buy them online at Kindy Stores.

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Where to get Charcoal Stove in Nigeria?

There are many online stores in Nigeria where you can buy Charcoal-stoves and one of them is here at Kindy Stores

Benefits of Using Charcoal Stove

Use the above named Modern charcoal stoves to compliment your cooking options;

♨️ Cooks super faster
♨️ No smoke
♨️ No blackening of pots
♨️ Better for your health than inhaling smoke from open firewood.