How to Become a Make Up Artist in Nigeria

Become a Make up Artist in Nigeria

In this article, you will learn how to become a Make Up Artist in Nigeria. Being a makeup artist in Nigeria is an excellent business choice. Makeup in the Nigerian fashion world today has tend to become an essential part of women’s life when it comes to beauty. Every woman needs what makes her to look enticing, presentable and commendable.

A lady will have confidence on herself whenever one says to her “young lady you are looking cute” that is why so many ladies don’t want to think twice when it comes to make-up they think that without it they can’t be beautiful.

Nevertheless, there is a need for one to get involved in setting up a beauty empire in order to offer these services to those in need of it.

In Nigeria today, lots of ladies tend to spend a lot of money to keep themselves beautiful by applying artificial make ups with the use of different kinds of cosmetics, foundations and so on.

Make up business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria, if your work is good there is no single lady that will hear of you without thinking twice. She will also want to test you to see how you can bring out the beauty in her for the world to see. So, you can make has high as 50-100k weekly if you are really good.

How to Become a Make Up Artist in Nigeria

In order to become a make up artist in Nigeria, you have to go for training with professionals in the field. I know a couple of renowned make-up artist in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Some of those brands are Cherries Makeover, Sinoren Makeover, etc In fact my Traditional Marriage and Wedding make ups were done by Cherries Makeover. You will see pictures as you read through. And guess how much I paid……..?   

The amount of money for training depends on the place you choose for training. But generally is between N20-100k. Interestingly, both Cherries Makeover and Sinoren Makeover have a training studios, where you get to learn not only make-ups but also gele head tie etc.

You make also be lucky to get free training in one of Government organised Skill Acquisition Programmes.

Make up is all about your ability to combine various colours of cosmetics, foundations etc that will suit the figure (the person applying the making).

Being a makeup expert does not really centre on the application of the ingredients alone but it also involve you selling all the necessary material for makeup that is why I can advise that while going into this type of business merge it with hair dressing business to make your work look complete.

Make up business has a high competition but yet it still moves faster because of high demand and time involved. That is why more hands are always needed to make it faster and less stressful.

Have it in mind that most women if not all apply make ups to work, occasions, visit to spouse and so on.

Have you ever gone close to ask a woman that is getting married how much she is charged for her make up. The response that will be given to you will marvel you.

Become a Make Up artist in Nigeria

Make Up By Cherries

What are the things required to Start a Make Up Business in Nigeria


Make up business unlike other businesses requires capital, as I said earlier it a business that can be merged with hair dressing, so you can meet an hair dresser you know discuss the idea with him or her and let her see the need of creating space for you to start the business.

Moreover it not really necessary you merge with somebody, if you have the full capital, you can start your own business divide it into sections (makeup and hair dressing).

In the case where you don’t have experience in hair dressing, you can employ experts to assist you in that field. Capital can be gotten by grants, loans, borrow etc.


Make up business requires an area with high women population. Your business location matters a lot. If you set up your business where there is low female population, there will be a low turn up. Your make up business have to cover a central location where people will easily get access to whenever they need your service. It can be close to a university area, office area ad similar places.


To be a good makeup artist, your skills on how to mix different colours and give an outstanding outlook really matters a lot. When applying your mix on a particular part don’t allow it to extend to other part but let it concentrate only on that part. Always make your colour to be the same with other part to avoid colour rioting but in the same case depending on the event that the makeup entails it can also involve colour rioting example when it involves shows and fun.


Your make up must always be unique, this doesn’t mean it should be out of point, but your combinations, applications, type of ingredients used for the makeup should be of quality and your work should have a difference with others work.


To make your work more creative and appealing, you must first of all show it on yourself, from here people will get to ask questions and want to test your work there your business keep moving.

Advertise you Business

Make your business popular, you can do this by making use of your instagram page, twitter page and facebook page, keep a daily post of photos of your work, tag as much ladies as you can and ensure that they get to know about your business. i.e online and for offline adverts print your bill board and cards and include real photos of your work and not online photos and tell people about your business.

Let your work appear on daily magazines and newspapers.

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How to Start a Make Up Business with small Capital

  •  If you don’t have enough capital to start a complete beauty empire, start with selling of cosmetic products by buying from wholesalers and as selling at retail for consumers. you can get a space in the market or any comfortable place to start your sales. This can be done with #40,000 or less.
  • Take your business serious and ensure people get to know you and buy your products with this you can double your profit within a month.
  • As time progresses get a shop and stock with cosmetic products, pomades, creams, foundations, perfumes, hair creams, etc.
  • Note the type of product people buy most and ensure that it is always available for purchase.
  • As your business begin to grow, create a space for hair dressing.
  • As you observe the turn up, you decide whether to relocate or not, introduce a befitting makeup section and continue your business.

Materials needed for Make Up Business in Nigeria

Become a Make up Artist in Nigeria

Make Up Tools

 First check if your state offers a license for cosmetology

  • Talent
  • Brushes and sponges
  • Artificial nails
  • Gum
  • Foundations e.g blackup foundation, popular, etc for good skin polishing
  • Hair creams
  • Artificial eye lashes
  • Set of lipsticks
  • Ask questions from others for the needed materials.


Activities involved in a Make Up Business in Nigeria

  1. The very first thing I think should be done before make up is hair dressing i.e if you are about to make your hair.
  2. Fixing of nails
  3. Face polishing with the use of different kinds of foundations such as black up. Note the type of foundation you use on ones face must match with the skin colour of the person
  4. Application of eye lashes
  5. Application of lipstick

Other business that you can combine with your makeup business is, hair dressing and tieing of head wears.

With this above activities your makeup business is complete and satisfactory provided you do it well.


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Qualities of a Good Make Up Artist 

Some people tend to ignore their vital qualities when attending to customers but they don’t know that even if your work is not good your habit can still keep customers to patronize your business.

  1. You must be welcoming to your customers with a smiling face
  2. Even when you are attending to another person ask the incoming person what she wants to do
  3. Always try to be fast but careful in your work
  4. You can give your awaiting customers some chewables to keep herself waiting. You can also put an interesting TV program or movie that will keep them waiting.
  5. Always be polite while talking to your customers
  6. Always be considerate while pricing with your customer.

Become a Make Up Artist in Nigeria Today

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