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Artemisin Nourishing Soap

Artemisin Nourishing Soap is an antibacterial nourishing soap. It eliminates odor and germs. It moisturizes and nourishes the body.  

Artemisin Nourishing Repair Conditioner

Artemisin Nourishing Repair Conditioner enhances the affinity of hair and scalp, makes it more washable, smells elegant, pleasant and regains self-confidence.

Artemisin Nourishing Repair Shampoo

Artemisin Nourishing Repair Shampoo contains precious artemisia annua extracts; supplements hair nutrition, nourishes hair, cleans and  repairs damaged hair.

Artemisin Vibrant Soothing Body Wash

Artemisin Vibrant Soothing Body Wash forms a protective barrier on the surface of the skin, neutralizes its pH, reduces oil secretions.

Artemisin Moisturizing Protection Hand Wash

Artemisin Moisturizing Protection Hand Wash is specially formulated to give antibacterial protection and moisturize your hands.

Artemisin Multi-Action Care Mouthwash

Artemisin Multi-Action Care Mouthwash offers you the complete protection of tooth holes, stains, tartar and much more that can damage your teeth.

Artemisin Multi-Effect Protection Toothpaste

Artemisin Multi-Effect Protection Toothpaste is very safe for long-term use, because it is made from natural ingredients.

Radiant vitality beauty series

Radiant vitality beauty series is a 5 in 1 combo series made with the perfect cosmetic design for smooth, fresh

Artemisin Women Roll-on Deodorant

Artemisin Women Roll-on Deodorant does not block sweat pores and allows your underarm breath.

Longrich Snake Oil

Longrich Snake Oil is traditionally used as a massage oil and purgative. It can relieve aching muscles and minor skin

Sealuxe Jasmine Petals Shower Gel

Sealuxe Jasmine Petals Shower Gel has developed petal series bathing skin care products to give the skin pure and gentle nourishing care in a natural way

iLife Sanitary Napkins Ultra Night

iLIFE Sanitary Napkins ultra night (360mm) is 100% Cotton which provides softness and freshness; Permeable to air eliminating moisture and