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Ag Cera Stem Cell

Ag Cera is a plant-based food therapy. It’s a product ahead of its time which uses stem cells and Nano technology to manage, prevent or even address a disease or a health condition e.g. AgCera can replace neurons damaged by the Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s disease or any other Neurological problems, AgCera can help to produce Insulin that fights and manages people with diabetes etc,


Ag Cera Stem Cell is a nature’s Stem cell product from Malaysia made from 8 powerful natural ingredients of fruits and vegetables.

One of the main characteristics of stem cells is their ability to self-renew or multiply while maintaining the potential to develop into other types of cells.

Stem cells can become cells of the heart, kidney, liver, bones, skin, brain, muscle etc. they have the ability to become any kind of cell. Stem cells can manage and treat over 134.


Ag Cera Stem Cell

Ag Cera is a plant-based food therapy. It’s a product ahead of its time which uses stem cells and Nano technology to manage, prevent or even address a disease or a health condition e.g. AgCera can replace neurons damaged by the Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s disease or any other Neurological problems, AgCera can help to produce Insulin that fights and manages people with diabetes etc,
Agcera has conquered the most dangerous diseases in the medical conditions:

📌Cancers of all types
📌Kidney failures
📌Parkinson disease
📌Goitre & Thyroid problems
📌Blood pressure & High Cholesterol
📌Brain damage
📌Sinus / Asthma / Pneumonia / TB
📌Psoriasis / Dermatitis & Eczema
📌Improves Eye sight / Vision

There are so many testimonies of Ag Cera Stem Cell

Functions of AG CERA PRODUCT

Treats Cancers of all types; Fight prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women

For bone and joint health

Suport natural weight loss

Lowers blood sugar level and good for diabetes by increasing insulin production

It also improves cholesterol and triglyceride level thereby taking care of heart diseases

Help treat erectile dysfunctions

Normalizes blood pressure etc.

A very powerful anti-aging supplement that makes you look younger and beautifies your skin within few days.

AGCERA Product food therapy work in the body;

📌Replaces &
📌Replicates human body normal cells and increases the number of circulating Adult Stem cells in our body.


1. CERAMOSIDES -(Ceramides) from France

CERAMOSIDES technology is the best source of ceramides in the world. It will help increase the amount of ceramides in the skin. Proven effective within 14 days!
 Anti Aging
 Skin protection
 Increases skin moisture
 Reduces skin wrinkles
 Improve elasticity of Skin
 100% plant (wheat)
 Free from GLUTEN

2. HYTOLIVE (HYDROXYTYROSOL) – Technology from Spain

HYTOLIVE technology is the world’s best hydroxytyrosol supplier, the hydroxytyrosol content that can greatly help improve health.
 Source of olive fruit
 100% natural Hydroxytyrasol
 Best antioxidant in the world
 Cardio-protective (reduces LDL cholesterol)

3. SAKURA EXTRACT – Cherry Blossom in AgCera Product

The study from the Japanese Cosmetics Industry Association (JCIA) proves that Sakura’s flower extract is very effective to help restore beauty, skin perfection and reduce signs of aging.
 Protects the skin from free radicals
 Anti Aging
 Maintaining Softness & Skin Moisture
 Brightens the skin
 Prevent inflammation on the skin


Original source of Turmeric. Proven effective over various health problems which can prevent & kill cancer cells.
 Anti Inflammation
 Anti Cancer
 Anti Aging
prevent brain disease
 Fight bacterial infections
 Helps Overcome Arthritis and Joint Pain

5. Gymnema Sylvestre (Gurmar)

Plants come from india, have been used from ancient times to cure diabetes.
 Destroyer of Sugar
 Reduces the sugar content in the blood
 Increase insulin production
 Reduces the desire/ craving for sugar
 Reduce the risk of heart disease

6. Pomegranate (Pomegranate)

Pomegranate is a world-renowned fruit for its goodness for health and beauty. Anti-oxidants in pomegranate are found to be three times more than red wine and green tea
 Avoiding Prostate Cancer
 Avoid Breast Cancer
 Lowering Blood Pressure
 Helps Overcome Arthritis and Joint Pain
 Increase the number of testosterone
 Prevent Jaunt disease
 The content of Vitamin C
 Strengthen Memory

7. MIX BERRIES (Blackbery, Blueberry, Raspberry & Elderberry)

Berries are among the healthiest foods.
 High fiber content
 High nutrient content
 Reduces bad cholesterol
 Maintain skin health

8. PEACH FRUIT- rich in many vitamins, minerals, and fiber

 Helps healthy digestion
 Improve heart health
 Maintain skin health
 Reduces excess sugar

These are powerful ingredients put together using nanotechnology and supplementation. The Research and Design that has gone into the production of AG CERA is superb.

How Much is Ag Cera Stem Cell (Price), And How to take it

The price of one pack of Ag cera is #25,000 naira

A pack contains 14 sachets and each sachet is 3000 mg

Whatsapp: 09079508492 to place order

 Take 1 sachet daily under your tongue first thing in the morning in an empty stomach. Drink 2 cups of water like 5-10 minutes after taking it.

Ag Cera Vs Stc30

Ag cera is a double stem cell with 3000 mg per sachet and contains 14 sachets in a pack whereas, Stc30 is a single stem cell with 1500 mg per sachet and contains 15 sachets in a pack. Also, Ag cera stem cell is a stem cell product from Agcera Nutrition company while stc30 is from Superlife World still a Malaysian company. The ingredients present in both stem cells differ somewhat from each other. Both perform almost similar function but agcera stem cell has the highest miligram.

To Buy Superlife stc30 CLICK HERE

Ag Cera and Diabetes

World Health Organization says more than 420 million people worldwide have diabetes, and also predicts this number will rise in years to come.

Diabetes is a metabolic disease where your body has high blood sugar levels and can not utilize sugar. In diabetes, your body can’t produce or use insulin effectively. There are two categories of diabetes, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Agcera is very effective in treating diabetes due to the plant stem cell ingredients present in it. One of such plant stem cell is Gymnema sylvestre which has anti-diabetic properties. The combination of this plant with other diabetes medications help to drastically lower blood sugar in the body. This plant is also called gurmar, which is Hindi for “destroyer of sugar”. It helps both type -1 and type-2 diabetes.

Gurmar can help reduce fasting, post-meal and long-term blood sugar levels as well as reduce your cravings for sugar.

Gymnema sylvestre plays major role in insulin secretion and cell regeneration which effectively contribute to its blood-sugar-lowering capabilities. A higher insulin level means that sugar is clearing from your blood at a faster rate.

If you have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, your body does not make enough insulin, or your cells become less sensitive to the insulin over time. This results in consistently high blood sugar levels.

Study reveals that gurmar may stimulate insulin production in your pancreas, promoting the regeneration of insulin-producing islet cells an this can help lower your blood sugar levels.

Buy Ag Cera Stem Cell in Nigeria

We are distributors of Ag cera stem cell in Nigeria and we deliver nation wide to different states including, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, Kanuna, etc. We even deliver to other countries of the World including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Cyprus, etc.

How to Take Ag Cera Stem Cell

Pour 1 sachet under the tongue and allow it to dissolve, drink a lot of water after each use.

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