When you advertise with us, we will boost the sells of your items and you will only pay us a token. It’s easy and simple.



Are you a fashion designer, a makeup artist, a comedian,  a photographer, a dry cleaner, a cook, a decorator etc

You can advertise your business here on our website and we will drive customers to patronize you.

With just N500 you can place the banner containing your business on our website for One week.


You can advertise your products/items on our website. Your products have to be in line with the kind of products/ items we are selling on our products section. As you may know, we deals on quality health care products,  medical equipment, personal care, cosmetics, household items etc and so we mostly advertise products related to health and general well being.

Also know that we advertise most of Network Marketing Companies Products in Nigeria ranging from Norland Products, Longrich Products, Fohow Products, AIM Global Products to Greenleaf Products etc. In fact, any Network Marketing Products in Nigeria can be advertised here. Refer to the List of Network Marketing Companies in Nigeria for more


You can also advertise you shop location and the things you do or sell in the shop.

To do this, you will send us a sizable flyer that contains the details of your services, and opening days and hours.


If you have any event/ programme about your business, we can help you advertise it on our website. We will create the awareness of your event not only on our website but also on our Facebook Page and Groups.

Here is our Facebook Pages: Kindy Stores

Our Facebook Groups are: Kindy Stores Mall and UYO ONLINE MARKET, Kindy Stores E-Market

You are free to join our groups and also add your customers or potential customers to the groups.

If you have other things you want to advertise on our website, kindly call 08153700971 or whatsapp 09079508492

Or email us at:

Our advert rates are affordable and the reach is worthwhile.

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A Banner Ad/Flyer Ad on our website cost 1,000 a day!

Thank for your interest to advertise on Kindy Stores

I will be expecting your email or call

Mfonido Bassey

CEO and Founder, Kindy Stores